Week Of Creepy / Scary Dreams

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Does anyone else have frequent nightmares that aren’t necessarily connected to what caused your PTSD? I thought I was doing ok until I started having creepy or frightening dreams every night. It’s getting so I avoid bedtime until I am so tired that I have to go to bed.
Last night I dreamed that my mom died unexpectedly in front of me. It took hours after I woke up to feel normal.
The scary thing is, since I had a near death experience a few days after my auto accident, I sometimes get premonitions that something’s wrong or I dream about something before it happens. I know it sounds crazy but I feel like I’m a little more psychic since the accident. I worry that the dream I had could actually come true. Anyone else had these kind of experiences? I have to take allergy medicine just to make me sleepy enough to stay down through the night.
Yes, I get exactly the same kind of thing. Its horrible, frightening and makes you want to avoid bedtime. I've had premonitions too, I thought i was the only one! It is all connected to the trauma even if the dreams aren't logically about it. The only thing that helps me a bit in times like that are to limit my viewing of TV, films and reading for a bit. I find that the media fuels my dreams. I also used to ring the person I'd had my dream about just for a chat because it seemed to diffuse it. I wouldn't always tell them I'd just had a bad dream about them.

The thing that helped me the most was talking through my trauma with my therapist, over and over. After that I sometimes slept like a log for at least a bit.

Good luck, I hope it gets better soon.
Yes. Me too.
Or nightmares set in the environment where the traumas occured, but something else frightening happens.
I live with nightmares and night terrors. Some take me back to trauma in ways and some just scare the bejesus out of me and I don't know why. I think for PtSD you are normal.
I have a lot of bad dreams. Most have some components that I can trace back to my incident but I can't seem to remember actually ever dreaming about the exact event. I used to wake myself up screaming or jumping out of bed because I felt like I was fighting for my life again. In my real life incident I was in a very violent physical fight with a person who wanted to kill me.
It's easy to percieve dreams as 'premonitions' but less than guaranteed. I have had some feelings or experiences which might make me question their existence, but on the whole our dreams do not come true. Ofcourse it is distressing to see people die in dreams, but that more than likely is to do with insecurity and feelings of loss being expressed in another adverse way, once we stop dreaming directly about the specific of traumatic events that have occurred. I have had dreams recently, and I am sure they are related to the upcoming court case about some people who assaulted me. However, for the most part they are not in the dreams.

Recent ones were about people who I knew a few years back and have lost contact with. They were talking to me in a normal situation but the feeling underneath was one of loss. There were other cues in the dream about my current life albeit abstract. Look at the overall imagery in the dream and you may find positive as well as negative cues in time. With regard to not wanting to go to bed because of the nightmares, I have been there, but overall I think this is also due to a subconcious lack of security, so we stay awake as it is 'safer' without being directly conciously aware of it. Writing out the dreams and looking for what the specific cues may mean can be useful. Google specific images with 'dream' and find possible explanations and see if they make sense to you or not. A common one is teeth falling out, or dental problems which is associated with loss and insecurity. It is normal to dream and we do all throughout REM sleep. We possibly remember more dreams as we sleep less deeply, and also becuase dreaming is the brains way of dealing with unresolved issues, of which we have more than the average Joe. If I have a horrible dream, I approach it more pragmatically now, accept it for what it is, not being real, and part of the healing process my body is going through. I believe it is a natural coping mechanism, even if it may not feel like one when at its worst. I used to relive being beaten and shot all the time, waking up covered in sweat, beating up my bed with my arms hurting (so I had probably been doing it for some time) fighting them off me. I woke up thinking I had wet myself, but actually was just covered in sweat. Those times now seem to be thankfully over. But there are still dreams, they just bother me less, so I am healing overall.

All the best.
I just woke up half an hour ago after a nasty dream. It had nothing to do with my incident but I had the same terrible feeling of doubt and frustration. The worse part was this constant thought of doing something wrong. In the dream someone was in my house and I did everything right. I called the police and asked the suspects to leave. I ended up trying to detain one of them and the whole time I was thinking that I would get in trouble since I am no longer a police officer and can't detain anyone. I felt so helpless. As always, I woke up in the middle of the fight and felt like total crap. I feel like staying in bed all day but my boss would not understand and since he has a "no calling in sick rule", that is not an option either.:wall:
Hey! Quit sharing these damn dreams will you guys!!

Ugh sure is the week for it.. I just had the most bizzare dream! WOW. It woke me up... I won't even get into it as it's just messed up..

Just wanted to to say.. quit sharing!!:stupid:


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