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Weird ptsd accomplishments you can't share with others

Discussion in 'Accomplishments' started by Sophy, Jul 10, 2018 at 12:27 PM.

  1. Sophy

    Sophy Active Member Donated

    One of the things that bugs me in "normal day to day life" is that I can't really share any of my (PTSD) accomplishments with anyone.

    If I were to say "Yay, I'm 40 and I've not (successfully) committed suicide. I'm still alive"

    or "Yay, I'm 40 and I'm not homeless"

    or "Yay, my home is safe I do not live with anyone abusive in my 4 walls"

    people would look at me like I was a freak... :roflmao:

    In a couple of years from now, I want to be able to say "Yay, I started studying again at 45 and finished the uni degree I had to stop studying at 21 for and go on disability cos of PTSD"

    None of my big or small accomplishments make sense to others in day to day conversations.

    Small things like "I made it out of the house today VOLUNTARILY not cos I had to"

    or "I got through the day without a panic attack"

    just do not register.

    It makes me feel like I'm living in a parallel universe, or something.

    Can't share my challenges outside a setting like this or therapy, and can't share my accomplishments and successes and milestones either. :meh:
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  3. 419can.dance

    419can.dance Active Member

    Great job on those accomplishments!
    I find myself secretly high giving on what seems so small.
    Small to others huge to us!
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  4. EveHarrington

    EveHarrington _______ in progress. Premium Member

    Yay! I’m able to make friends!

    (I sound like I’m 5, lol.)
  5. littleoc

    littleoc Making everywhere I go a better place Premium Member Donated

    Small accomplishments are the best!!! They really add up.

    Sometimes you can share them with friends! Not that I do or anything :p
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  6. Mach123

    Mach123 Well-Known Member Premium Member Donated

    I didn't call anyone while I was having an episode yesterday? I unplugged all the phones and stayed away from the computer (texts and emails) for a couple hours. I saved myself from making someone angry with me.
  7. Skywatcher

    Skywatcher Member

    A friend asked me to lunch today and I was afraid to leave my house, almost said “no.” However, I did go and even sat with my back to the door since she was already seated when I arrived.
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  8. LuckiLee

    LuckiLee I'm a VIP

    J doesn't carry his knife at all times anymore.
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  9. TheBubzilla

    TheBubzilla Changing the world one smile at a time Premium Member Donated


    1. my child is the first girl in 4 generations to reach her age with her innocence intact.
    2. I don't have to take a nap in the middle of the day anymore.
    3. I don't find myself scanning the room every time I go into a new place.
    4. I beat the living shit out of my monsters in my lucid nightmares, strutted through the rest it, rewrote it and woke feeling like a boss.
    5. I conflict coach for a job - which is fairly amusing considering how goddamn awful I used to be at handling conflict.
    6. I can wake from a night of lucid nightmares and still go to work and function well.
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  10. EveHarrington

    EveHarrington _______ in progress. Premium Member

    Yay! I can sleep with someone in the same bed! LOL
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  11. Skywatcher

    Skywatcher Member

    I haven’t emailed my therapist for 3 days!
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  12. complex1

    complex1 Guest

    i can so relate

    yeah! i broke up with my boyfriend nicely and in person this time.

    i did not say my brother could not come over to visit my kids when they are in town.

    its the small things
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  13. Freida

    Freida Been There, Done That, Lived to Tell the Story Premium Member

    I'm still thrilled for him about this! :hug::hug:
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