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My daughter was on Wellbutrin for depression (not extended release). She was sleeping through classes and felt a drop off mid day. This week she forgot to take it and had a strong hit of depression and some friend drama. She decided to take a bunch of ibuprofen. We called ems. They decided she wasn’t suicidal even though she wanted to sleep and not wake up for a few days. Did a whole visit at the pdoc and therapist the next day. She switched her to extended release because it has no big drop off and if she forgets it won’t feel as extreme. (P-doc said that Wellbutrin has a short half life so you absolutely can’t miss a pill). And we ask her every day now. Her mood seems a bit better. She tells me that she’s still depressed but not nearly as it was. We check back in three weeks. Has anyone had this experience? Unrelated-This seems to be a new trauma added to my flashbacks repertoire. I am
So worried that if she seems better it’s because she has a plan. How do we know? Do I just trust the p-doctor and therapist?


Do I just trust the p-doctor and therapist?
I'd say, trust the psych and the therapist and your daughter.
She tells me that she’s still depressed but not nearly as it was. We check back in three weeks.
Her information here sounds like an honest and realistic self-assessment. Still depressed, but it's not as bad. If you can keep that line of communication open, or get her engaged in keeping a little log of emotional peaks and valleys, it'll help her and the team assess in three weeks whether she's on a good dose, whether it needs a slight increase, or whether she could benefit from incorporating more cognitive/wellness support.
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Thanks, @joeylittle! The part you said on trusting her, I am trying. The 150 mg extended release seems to have improved her mood. She also quit her job that was full time hours on top of school. Her failing grades are slowly moving up. One is strongly passing now. She is responding well to her therapist. She was having issues with marijuana, but her therapist has seemed to convince her to try not doing it daily as she had been. We still fight, but it’s different.
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