What Are You Feeling Today? Not Thinking, Rather Feeling! Can You Identify Yours?


I'll start. ................

I feel a greatly alarmed.
I feel very angry.
I feel cautious.
I feel confused.
I feel depressed.

I feel disgusted with the influences of the world. Specifically tv and its content, as well as, gen. socially acceptable, societal hidden teachings.

I feel distanced from contact and/or intimacy with family, friends, people in general (all of humanity). Intimacy to me does not mean sex.

I feel embarrassment, for having been so vulnerable in my past and for so long, and for now feeling so wounded and confused. I feel humiliated.

I feel horrifed as I continue to be honest with myself about my trauma(s).

I guess I identified some of my feeling tonight, well at least at a glance and as far down as the H's on this list:

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Guess I didn't set too good of an example here, bc I added in some of what I think with what I feel. That wasn't my original goal here. Anyhow, well at least I focused chiefly on what I feel.

That's what this thread is about simply identifying chiefly what we feel on any given day. I suppose, attempts at too great of restrictions or perfection would be boring anyways.

Or, if we are not presently feeling, we could identify what we don't feel, but wished we did.
I feel:


I'm unsure how I lost my faith in God for so long
I wonder how I could let that happen
I felt timid at church today and out of my element
I felt confused and suspicious of the people at church
I don't understand why one of the members wouldn't speak to me. Maybe because he is friends with my son, and I kicked my son out of the house? Unsure????
I feel an enormous amount of love for God and human beings
Unsure as to why I can't stand human contact even though I have compassion and care about them.
I feel tired because I only got 3 hours of sleep last night
I feel I am addicted to the internet and need to keep off of it.

I don't feel angry for the first time in two days
I don't feel crazy

I am frightened. I am scared. I am in a panic/ anxiety mode that has come over me like a wave. This has hit me right between the eyes and came up totally unexpectedly. I am not up discussing this right now. I have however, sent Anthony a PM about this and I sure hope he can shed some light on this.

Hopefully, I will be able to enlighten the group later. I am extremely unnerved by this recent wave of __________ that is going on with me right now! I certainly do not understand what is happening to me.

Anyway, you asked what I was feeling right now. You got it
Nausea induced by anxiety and fear
very frightened of the day

Probably feel all those feelings because I am going to be meeting with the doctor today-first time in 2 1/2 weeks-and I am petrified at facing the terrible events of this past holiday. Would rather just take it out on myself and hide at home (or at the gym).
irritated because I can't sleep yet again.
tired self explanatory
disgusted that every time I get woke up I can't go back to sleep.
Upset that I jumped and yelled when my daughter touched me while sleeping
hopeful that my son is going to start speaking to me after the silent treatment for 6 weeks.
grateful that I drove 8 hours without no major panic attacks and it was pouring down rain.