What Are You Feeling Today? Not Thinking, Rather Feeling! Can You Identify Yours?

feeling better tonight
positive aprehension
some sadness in the background, like i feel its the end of an era for me
the end of running around endlessly looking for appropriate help and just getting shot down/hurt again
now is the time of actually healing, acceptance
And this makes me grateful but also sad
Today I felt like an annoyance and in the way of others, to be avoided. But I guess thankful to recognize it for myself. I feel cautious.
I feel silly to think my presence mattered. I feel that was dumb, and fanciful thinking, if not ego. A guy and his dad I met about 3 years ago helped me learn that this week.
I am worried my relative and partner will be too sick to go on Vacation starting tomorrow night/ tuesday as they are sick today.
I am relived the same friend who was going to help me before work tomorrow wasn't angry I cancelled yesterday, he texted me tonight.
My neck is very sore and I have a headache.
I am thirsty.
My patience is being tried by the puppy.
I dread work tomorrow, who knows what they will do. But take the money and run my dad used to say, and hope to get it over with.
Good night everyone.
I think there is only room (for myself) for gratitude, and survival. Am quite content if others are happy and FWIW would be content to be invisible. I won't say I will willingly go or do what triggers me unless it's for an important reason or I have no choice, but I don't want to be a burden or in the way either. No one's problem to create a purpose for me and I have no interest in community where I'm a liability, that needs tweaking on my part. It's all ok. I am exhausted, but thankful, and by this time tomorrow will have finished today's work.