What are you good at???


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Since I have had cPTSD since the dawn of time, I have spent incredible amounts of time fixating on things I am not good at like public speaking, rollerblading, confrontation and standing up straight. As I have gotten older, however, I have had to start paying better attention to what I do well in order to keep from wanting to hang myself in a closet, somewhere.

Anyone relate?

I thought it might be fun/healthy/less boring than just sitting here to talk about the things we don't do much struggling with.

I will start -

I am (usually) good at communicating -- people frequently don't like what I have to say (or can't stand to read all of it) but that's fine - I am usually able to say/write things clearly, so that there isn't too much confusion about the cause of the disagreement and that's a level of efficiency that you won't get everywhere 😂

I'm good at engaging in repetitive tasks for hours on end without losing my marbles. I get the feeling this is rare based on the responses of other people.

What about you? What are you good at?


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I'm very good at making people feel very uncomfortable
Oh, oh! Me, too! Granted, I may be better at it than you because I am good at making people uncomfortable even when I am not anxious. But don't let that discourage you; you know that they say -- practice makes perfect, right? 😂

I'm good at learning efficient ways to do things
That's a good one. I wish more people were good at learning efficient ways of doing things, especially people in small towns. A lot of small town populations seem to be too laid back to care, though.


I'm good at creative things like music and also share some of the attributes that other people have mentioned like putting other people at ease (despite my chronic illness and thousand yard stare!) I'm good at cooking when I'm well enough and not surviving on ready meals and takeaways. I'm also good at finding effiencent ways of doing things. Organising things if it's for other people. (My desk is littered in a organised chaos of letters). This is a good thread @RussellSue. 😊


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I'm good at creative things like music
I am musical, myself. I used to play a lot of instruments but now I just sing, mostly to the radio, very loudly on the freeway where anyone who passes by and wants to judge this rockstar is unlikely to be seen, again. But I am, in all reality, a reasonably good singer. I started singing very young, got voice lessons and so on. It was something I always really enjoyed, so I have stuck with it a whole lot better than I stuck with cello and violin.


I am good with making people comfortable or at least be attune if they are not because I am more or less conscious of my own aggression/hostility and anger so not projecting my negative side is plus for me...
I am also good at doing boring and repetitive things as you said without losing my marbles.
I am good at initiating new things or new way of doing things...I can see gaps in societal thinking or processing something.
I am good at confrontation with people in real both at work and personal life (I have to know them and there has to be something like relationship at stake but I do not shy away bringing up difficult issues without alerting (or at least being conscious of its existence) the snake mind!
I am good at leading groups out of dead-end projects and double-bind situations
I am good being alone for long periods of time.

This post is a great way to feel good bout myself! LOL
do not ask me what I am not good at....


Bushcrafting, living in the wild, being friendly (even though I feel shy) wood carving and cyr wheeling. I'm also good at taming feral cats so they're adoptable.

Here's an example of a box I made...


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