What Are You Grateful For Today?


As a way to cope, I made a list of things I am grateful for today. It's something that I have found to be useful in the past. It has a stabilizing effect for me. It helps me keep a broader, more accurate, perspective. It doesn't always make me feel better. However, it usually does make coping a little easier.

What am I grateful for today?

I woke up this morning. I awoke from a restless night's sleep in my own bed. I didn't wake up with a hangover.

I am grateful to start my day with a fresh cup of coffee and cigarettes to smoke. These are two pleasures I can count on everyday.

I have genuine, trusting friendships I can count on too, if I just chose to pick up the phone.

I have a job that does more for me than just the bills.

I am grateful that I am not the person I used to be. I can feel demolished without further destroying myself.

I am grateful for the warmth and sunshine today.
I love this thread Tude. Its just what I needed :smile:

  • I am great full that I am alive.
  • That I have a beautiful son who knows that I love him!
  • That I am validated as an individual by being needed outside of my own world.
  • That I do have some special people in my life including those on here.
  • That I can play and hear my favourite music.
  • That I am beginning to learn to look after myself.
  • I am great full for the life that I am building and for the beautiful future that I know I will have.
  • That I think that I am actually an OK person.
  • I am great full that you (Tude), posted this thread and gave me the chance to reflect.
Thanks Tude that was great!

Spirit x
I'm grateful I have a therapist who, I think, truly cares about me.

I'm grateful I had a klonopin, writing my diary was hard.

I'm grateful I haven't had one in several weeks.

I'm grateful for my cat, he's really cool.

I'm grateful to be living in the country on a lake with good neighbors who watch out for me (even though I don't entirely trust them yet).

I'm grateful that my life isn't over yet, that I've started the healing process.

I'm grateful that it is really green here in the PNW.

I"m grateful for having found this forum.
Thanks Tude! I have found that focusing on blessings really helps promote positive thoughts. Positive thoughts really help the way I feel; but it takes a lot of effort and I fail miserably.

I am grateful for a beautiful day so I can do spring cleaning.
I am grateful for my children who are pushing me to decorate for Easter.
I am thankful that I am making strides to start a new career.
I am thankful that I only woke up twice last night and feel very rested today.
Fabulous thread!

Thanks, Tude :smile:

I'm grateful for...

My sweet man...my husband who cherishes me

Our three cats; their antics, purring warmth, cuddles, goofiness, beauty...

Being alive; loving and being loved

Books! Music! Dance! Beauty! Art!

Friends and kin...soul-food always


Warm, scented baths

This forum and the marvelous people I'm meeting here

Current and constantly growing knowledge and acceptance of PTSD

A kind, wise doctor with whom I've been consulting for 20 years

Songbirds --> heralds of Spring!

Frank Sinatra's ballads --> I've been OD'ing on them recently :rolleyes:

...the list is endless, really...
I like this thread, too. Let's see...what I'm grateful for...

My friends and close family members whom I can always count on

My cats--(babies with fur)

That I am able to keep functioning and hold down a good job even when the PTSD gets bad

That I live in a country where I can get the care I need

My students--(even when I am having a bad day, at least one of them will always make me laugh and feel a little better)

My independence...(The fact that I can take care of myself most days and the fact that I am an independent thinker and can freely express my thoughts)

Lip balm

Jerry Springer and other similar ridiculous t.v. talk shows (it makes me feel SOOO much better about my own life)

I'm sure I could thing of pages of this stuff, but I'm going to stop now :-)
I am grateful for:

  • this forum
  • family
  • my friends, who seem to love me in spite of my ridiculous antics and embarrassing moods/thoughts
  • a job that I love
  • my Zen teacher
  • grande Americano with skim and a dash of cinnamon
  • the garden
  • hiking trails
  • the Cowboy Junkies
  • warm days for grilling veggies to put in homemade tacos
  • second, third and fourth chances
  • soulmates
  • homemade oatmeal cookies
I am grateful that God doesn't look down on me as much as I do myself
I am grateful he is a forgiving God unlike myself
I am grateful for my family
I'm grateful for my dog, first thing I open my eyes and she laying next to me puts on a big smile on my face. How loyal she is!
I am grateful for a great "T" who cares about me and my welfare and always has helpful suggestions and listens with concern
I am grateful for a wonderfuil grandson whom lives me dearly and another one on the way in September.
I am grateful for all I have, my home,my car ect.
I am grateful for finally taking things slow when meeting new people and not juimping into a friendship to be hurt later
I am grateful for starting to think of how I can avoid panic attacks by preparing beforehand to taking my anxiety meds
I am grateful for my feet to walk with after many years I couldn't very long due to botched up surgeries
I am mostly grateful for the sunshine which I thrive on.