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What Are You Grateful For Today?

... grossly grateful the laxatives I been spiking mom's food with achieved 4th stage detonation on 8th day of waiting from many days of delay.

Context, I am caregiver to mom...FTD dementia. She has been constipated since January to the point the doctor ordered Xray of her belly. I tried to change her diet no go. Recently it was suspected the poop inside her was pressing in her bladder causing issues to pee.

Its tough. I am grateful and feel lil mischief spiking foods (as directed by doc). Stage 4 detonation.... not sure hoe that term popped in my head.
Grateful to not be influenced by the deeply ingrained program(s) that convinces so many they need to ritualize the so-called "coming to back to life" of a supposed being by religiously slitting the throats of actual innocent currently living beings and calling it a celebration of love and such. Not sure I'll ever innerstand how that rationally computes as being a celebratory situation by any stretch of the imagination on any given day.