What Are You Grateful For Today?


I am grateful that my niece is still alive. I am grateful that I am no longer struggling with the intense, initial symptoms of abuse trauma. I am grateful for freedom from addiction. I am grateful for fresh air, sunshine, and warmer temperatures. The Covid vaccine(s). My sobriety, My daughter, and grandson. My forum friends and my extended family.


I am grateful for my new colleagues being nice
I am grateful that saying goodbye to me company t that I had for 10 times gave me beautiful goodbye
I am grateful for talking to my friend M again and writing him poems and short stories
I am grateful for apples and peanut butter
I am grateful for me facing more and more what I avoid


I am grateful that my new job has nice colleagues
I am grateful that I can feel my emotions more and more
I am grateful that I will have therapy tomorrow
I am grateful for naming my emotions and doing emdr on them, releases them from me
I am grateful for doing fun things with friends
I am grateful that my ex-managers want to be my references

Tornadic Thoughts

Grateful for the last minute cancellation of a service today by the service provider.

I had a weird feeling about it the last couple days, but decided to go ahead with it since we already had an appointment, but fate, or whatever you wish to call it, took care of it for me.

Saving us time and money, as well as offering a gentle reminder to continue to trust my gut.

Validation of instincts, especially after being told my whole life that there is no such thing, always feels nice.