What Are You Grateful For Today?

Tornadic Thoughts

The waterpik. One of the best investments I ever made. Feels like a dentist office sort of clean when I finish. After having suffered through some major dental issues way back in the day, I stay inspired to keep using it. I remain amazed at the random little pieces of food that are still stuck even after brushing and flossing multiple times throughout the day.

Tornadic Thoughts

RAIN!!! May it last a long while.

I left my favorite chair out after sun bathing this morning, watered a few plants that are in the shade, left windows down on the car, and a few other things that normally makes it rain - and ta da! If only it were that easy. Grateful for the sacred water, however it arrives.


I am grateful for the medical care my son has received
I am grateful for people supporting me
I am grateful for neurofeedback
I am grateful for stoicism
I am grateful for this planet
I am grateful for being healthy
I am grateful for my grit
I am grateful for my creativity
I am grateful for sunshine
I am grateful for so many more things