What Are You Grateful For Today?


Telephone line engineers! We’ve been complaining about our rural line and internet for ages- eventually had an engineer out last week . Dh told the company that it was not ok still, perhaps even worse and today the second and third engineer who came agreed with us it’s substandard! They are going to spend tomorrow locating the fault and hopefully fixing it!


I am grateful for my ancestors, and my dear, departed loved ones who loved and supported me with trauma healing and who still "talk" to me via my heart, mind, and soul, (thru thoughts, memories, dreams, and visions, etc.).

They are with me always because there really is no separation...forgetfulness maybe, but no separation... I am them and they are me, from my grandparents down to my grandchildren and beyond. I am grateful for each one.


Today I am grateful for:

My partner: for always giving me validation when needed, for not enabeling me, for telling me how proud he is of every step I take on the way, when I can't appreciate myself, or am blind to my victories.

For getting out from the house: with no breakdowns, before or during the excrution.

Also very grateful to that fine older gentleman, who let me rub his belly during said walk (it was a cat btw)

I'm grateful to that split second of happiness I felt today, I felt like I wasnt fleeting, it was nice.

I'm grateful for being alive, and I'm grateful that I messed up my suicide attempts, or I would have never gotten to this point.

Tornadic Thoughts

Momentum that lead me to clearing out physical space - which lead to clearing valuable head space - which lead to meeting a really kind couple and their sweet pup who live close by who wanted the stuff I cleared from the physical space - which lead to some happy heart space moments. Yay for me not f'n it, or myself, up in the process(es). (knock on wood)