What Are You Grateful For Today?

Tornadic Thoughts

Hoodies, and a new pair of slipper socks. I didn't know they made a variety that has super thick shoe sole types of bottoms. These are like the Cadillac of slipper socks. lol

The last pair of supposed slipper socks I got was in the hospital a couple years ago when I had my heart thing happening. Hubby got a matching pair when he had his heart surgery. Would prefer to never need to wear a pair of those again.


Today, I am grateful for my meds. As much as I hate having to take and on occasion, increase the dosage, they do help keep me as balanced as possible. Without them my life would be completely and utterly unmanageable.


Home ownership. Rent or a mortgage every month since I was 14 has ended. No more knowing that foreclosure and homelessness is looming in the inky darkness, This is my dirt. those are my trees, the rocks and the fenceposts and the view of the sunrise are reliably going to be here for the duration.
I can't express the change, it is still sinking in. I am grateful for the life that has fallen into place to be where we are now.