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What are you having for dinner? (wanna share your recipe?)


hello! I’m curious!

Sometimes it’s hard to think of something. :)

I’ll go first:

Tonight I think I’ll have chicken and yellow rice.

  • yellow rice
  • Green peas (frozen or fresher)
  • Canned chicken, shredded chicken, or chick’n patties (my favorite, because even though it doesn’t taste like chicken, it tastes like seasonings and I love it)
All you do is make the rice, then heat the peas, and then cook the chicken if needed. Combine in a large pot; I usually end up with tons of extra peas, which I eat as a side and give little bites as a treat for my dog. (She likes peas.) I usually butter the peas with Smart Balance — more flavor than butter :)

The Chick’n patties I heat in a microwave, then dice, then heat to the right temperature before adding.

Takes about 20 minutes to cook, not much prep either! Perfect for a few lazier days
Nice thread! Its a great motivation to actually cook something that is not pasta!!! :laugh:

Yesterday I cut a sweet potato into little pieces and also cut some broccoli. Then I boiled both (in separate pots of course:p). After that I cut some zucchini and threw it into a pan with some olive oil. Then I added the sweet potato, the broccoli and some chicken substitute which tastes exactly like chicken.
For seasoning I used salt, some nutritional yeast (its sooo delicious :inlove:) and soy creme to make it the whole dish creamy and to mix the flavors of the vegetables.
My boyfriend couldn't resist to eat some of it even though he had his own dinner:DI felt so proud! He said it was one of my best recipes which surprised me cause I honestly just threw stuff into a pan haha!
food, sorry. On a good day I care. On a normal day I eat.

best recipe:

fresh pasta or boiled to al dente

cream sauce consisting of reduced heavy whipping cream, cheap red wine (the worse it tastes when drank the better the sauce I think, MD20-20 not withstanding) grated parmesan and some garlic and maybe a little of the boiled liquid from:

as many big scallops as you think you want to see on your plate

make or buy fresh pasta

start the sauce to reducing, slow simmer, walk away but don't forget it, wait till it is about a half the original volume and sticks to the spoon you have been stirring it with ocasionally for what seems like forever unless you got impatient and boiled it over. Add the finely minced or pressed garlic now if you want, or use the garlic on the scallops in bigger chunks you can see and remove, add wine if thats a choice and keep reducing for awhile if you do.

finish the pasta, it should give you enough time to

start the scallops. I like to heat olive oil, infuse it with garlic, then cook the scallops and remove the cloves. So easy to be too long with scallops. you almost have to be willing to risk sushi to get them at their sweetest here. You can pour the boiled liquids over the pasta when you strain it or add a little to the sauce, don't worry about thinning it too much at this point, you will be thickening it with cheese:

At this point I add enough parmesan to the sauce to thicken it and save some for after the whole plate is assembled- pasta on the plate, scallops on the pasta and on the side, sauce on everything, parmesan on top. If you cant serve it now, warm an oven and melt the parm, it will smell great and your guests will be more in a hurry to finish their chores (salad, bread, table setting) and get with the program.

I like to know which cardiologist is on call that night before I start this. !0 hundred thousand bad calories, dont butter the damned bread.
food, sorry. On a good day I care. On a normal day I eat.

best recipe:

fresh pasta or boiled to al den...

I’ve never had scallops! I like the sound of that sauce though

And I know what you mean — I haven’t been cooking these past few days. If I’m feeling really out if it, a sandwich can do, but also:

Cheese quesadilla

  • Butter (I use Smart Balance for flavor)
  • Tortillas
  • Shredded cheeses (I use a Mexican blend with a pinch of shredded sharp blend. Whatever you want works great, but making a blend or buying one tastes more interesting!)
  • Anything else you want on a quesadilla
I warm the butter in a sauce pan. Then I place the tortilla into the pan, and on one side only I add shredded cheese and whatever else (if I have/want anything else). Then I fold the empty side over the full side and press it down with a spatula. Flip it once it might be getting brown :D

Usually once I remove one quesadilla I add a little more butter to prepare for the second one. The tortillas really soak it up!

Super easy, great for a rough day!

Senses get a bit muted when you’re really depressed, including taste, so this one helps a bit. Unless you are prone to getting overwhelmed by too much flavor, which happens to me if I add just a little too much of the sharp cheese :)
Turkey Zucchini (Mint Cilantro Green Onion) Burgers / Flattened Meatballs

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Essentially, ground turkey mixed with veg & herbs & spices, into chicken nugget sized patties, sauteed in sunflower oil... for the sumac sauce I use almond-milk yogurt & vegan mayo.


(Note, saving the meat mixture in the fridge overnight? Which is what I did yesterday? Not recommended. It makes things half soggy half separated. Still edible, just not as lovely as they could be. Come to find. Saving the McNugget sized burgers themselves? Awesome the next day. In some ways, even better than day 1. Lesson learned!)
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Tonight: FISH TACOS !!!!

Baked white fish...we are using Pollock, tonight, but prefer Cod. (Batter and deep fried fish is the best, however.)
Warm corn tortillas...used to make mine fresh but am too lazy today.
Finely sliced cabbage (Do not use lettuce. Cabbage gives the tacos a delightful crunch.)
White sauce: 1/2 cup mayonaise and 1/2 cup yougurt mixed together. Place on the inside face of the taco as its foundational flavoring.
Fresh, sliced limes to be used for squeezing tons of juice on the tacos
Personal choice of salsas for taco dressing. (I happen to like green verde sauce as my salsa topping.)
Yum! Yum! Yum!
Alright so now I made pasta with a creamy sauce (I used soy cream) with chickpeas, broccoli, the chicken substitute again (roasted beforehand), some garlic, salt and some vegetable stock. The thing that made it reeeally tasty in my opinion was the fresh lemon juice I added. :happy: I've never tried that before.
The photo isn't really showing much, it just looks different in reality, but still :D For entertainment ...
Chickpea/Green Pea Curry

Using the rest of the dry chickpeas I cooked the other day.....
Added a small bag of frozen green peas...
Chopped a sweet onion to toss in....
Brought to a boil then simmered a bit...
Added a can of coconut milk....
Added garlic powder, dulse flakes, cumin, turmeric, black powder, sea salt, and curry powder (I never measure....just guesstimate)....
Then added chopped beet greens and curly kale.
Let simmer some more.

Serve over toasted quinoa....(more flavorful that just regular quinoa, in my opinion)

Rinse and drain 1 cup of quinoa....
(I usually let it dry a little as I'm chopping and prepping other stuff)
Heat the pan you're fixing the quinoa in to a med. high to high heat....(do not add oil or anything)
Add the quinoa and stir it frequently...turning heat back to medium high....allowing it to toast....but don't let it burn.

So good it'll make your tongue slap your brains plum outta your head. lol
Then very carefully add your water or veggie stock (2 cups worth)...stir...and let simmer (turn heat back to medium or lower) for 15-20 minutes, then fluff with fork. Keep a close eye on it as all stoves vary.