What are you having for dinner? (wanna share your recipe?)

@OliveJewel, a memorable breakfast in Panama was a fast food resto my guide took me to. Served up deep fried gizzards and hearts etc like French fries in a box, really crispy coating, to die for, it was so good and seemed like the most popular thing on the menu, Forget the breakfast sandwiches, these things were the best! I can still see/taste them., iot has been 15 years!
Mole Marinade
Made this and had it with tri-tip. Lovely! I’ve decided that I like my steak cold. My tri-tip story…

I asked the meat guy (youngster) which was the best steak and he said tri-tip. So I got that. Then I have a friend who used to be a butcher and he gave two tips… 1) research Santa María method and 2) cut across the grain.

Turns out Santa María method is for grilling and I don’t own a grill. So I did some more research and used this method.

Marinated steaks like what @Freddyt said. Then heated a cast iron on med high. Added about a Tablespoon of oil. When it was smoking I put the steaks in. Did not touch them for three minutes (marinade burned a bit I like the bitterness of char—free radicals be damned!). Then Seared the edges for about 20 seconds each and flipped to the uncooked side and placed the whole pan in a preheated 425 oven. Cooked until internal temp was about 125-130 (rare), which was about 6 minutes? Then took them out and rested on a plate. Didn’t eat until the next day. I took the rest of the marinade and cooked it to boiling for about a minute. And stored the steaks unsliced in the cooked marinade. Next couple days sliced for wraps and sandwiches. Sliced beef in sandwiches is so satisfying! Today I ate the last slices with a dressing made from mayo, Gorgonzola and shaved horseradish.
@OliveJewel , that sounds like an amazing thing to do. Going to try this, I love steak hot, cold, anything in between. Right now I have a forever ham (was supposed to be for a family gathering that never happened), I will be growing a squiggly tail by the end of the weekend, but ham is one of those things i can happily turn into a gazillion different things as well. Doing it plain with Keen’s hot mustard on the side for now, when i get sick of that, the lovely ham and Bean soup from @LuckiLee . And then maybe a western omelet. Then maybe a cabbage soup that i usually make with sausage..then……..
I'm Yellow, dijon, Keens Hot, and Honey Mustard guy. You can change up tastes a lot by changing them up. Like devilled eggs - half and half yellow and dijon instead of strait up yellow adds a little something.

Can't have a good Reuben sandwich without Keens hot though...
Just water or even cream. I don’t add anything else to it. But you could experiment. For most hams there is already enough salt in the meat. Also can use it in homemade Caesar salad dressings, it is a good emulsifier, just have to make sure to add it in small increments, otherwise it can leave the dressing bitter.