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What are you having for dinner? (wanna share your recipe?)

Love mustard personal faves are dijon, English mustard, though I buy it ready made, not in powder form, wholegrain mustard, american and "French" mustard. Which is very much an English product, I'm quite sure the French know nowt about this sweet stuff at all.

Made these today, like em very much I do. Chewy, I mixed the sesame seeds in with the mixture instead of sticking them on top.

French" mustard. Which is very much an English product, I'm quite sure the French know nowt about this sweet stuff
Never heard of that! In America we have something called French dressing that is quite sweet as well. I will look for French mustard and compare with Dijon.

Bookmarked that cookie recipe—sounds delish!! I made sesame cookies once—I believe it was a Chinese recipe. Delightful! not sure why I didn’t save that recipe—looking forward to trying yours. I like the bitter quality of tahini, provides depth.
Yes we have French dressing too, or Vinaigrette. This is the mustard I'm on about though. Colman's used to make it, but something about Unilever buying Colmans meant the EU insisted they stop.

And agree on tahini, hope you like the cookies, they don't make my blood sugar spike, and are especially nice while still warm.

Really enjoying finding healthier ways to enjoy treats. 😋
badass recipe for hearts?
I made this! I give it a solid “Hell yeah!”

My corazón story…

I got it at the Asian market. Same place that has pig uterus—don’t suppose you have a recipe for that? 😏 (Though if hard pressed I imagine something similar to this recipe—ramp up the chilies, spices, and vinegar, serve with herbs and a starch).

Anyway, I am only cooking for myself so typically only buy about 0.5-1lb of meat for a dish. The smallest heart slab I could get was 2.5 lbs. However, for the recipe you posted they say to cut off all the fat and fascia, and so what remained was less than a pound!

I didn’t waste any of the fat and fascia. Cut it into small pieces, rendered out the fat, and ate the crispy pieces with salt—yum!

For the marinade I could not find the special Argentina chili paste so I used dried pasillas for a substitute. Only bought one bag and should have bought two but it worked well enough. Soaked them in boiling water and scraped the flesh. Should have left some seeds because that pepper had almost no heat but good flavor.

Ended up marinating the heart chunks for two days. To eat I sautéed some onions in that rendered tallow (it gets hot!) then added the chunks of heart. Cooked until done and reduced the sauce a bit. Ate with roasted potatoes and shredded cabbage in corn tortillas. Solid!! Wish I had bought a bigger heart! Only have a bit left.
Oh, French dressing is nothing like vinaigrette in America! It’s a mostly sweet, barely vinegar-y, orange-colored creamy goo. I have no idea what kind of salad or meal it’s meant for, and I’ve never seen it homemade. Rather off-putting to me.
Oh wow OK, well I've not heard of this, what do people put it on?
what do people put it on?
Green salads, usually ones made with iceberg lettuce. I once went to a picnic where somebody made “Doritos salad”, which was a bagged iceberg lettuce salad (usually a mixture of iceberg, shredded purple cabbage, and shredded carrot), cooked ground beef, and crushed nacho cheese-flavored Doritos, all smothered in that French dressing.

Oh, I forgot that classic French dressing is the sweet reddish-orange goo but without the cream. Here’s a website that shows the different kinds of French dressing (and other salad dressings) that Americans typically buy.

Yes we have French dressing too, or Vinaigrette
I just realized in America we call this Italian dressing!

A very much paired down version of this. I don't have a garden full of veg, so just used what I could get at Lidl.

Liked the pestomega very much. Though I used less oil, so more of a green gravelous thing rather than an oily thing you can swirl. Delicious though. Lidl had no chives, thyme, rainbow chard, kale etc etc, I already had some cavolo nero though at home. And no pink beetroots, used a mini squash instead.