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What are you having for dinner? (wanna share your recipe?)

I made the lamb “nachos”. They were okay but lacked pizazz. I will explain what I did and where I think I went wrong.

For the base I used Stacy’s Pita chips. Then topped with ground lamb seasoned with cumin, allspice, cinnamon, and turmeric. Over that was white beans tossed with harissa and olive oil. Then the “salsa” of tomato, shallot, cucumber, and mint. Some toppings were plain Greek yogurt, feta crumbles, and sliced grilled olives.

My goal was to up the spice and tang as much as possible but my critical errors were not including enough sweet and sour.

Errors: first, the pita chips were some kind of “thins” version which were smaller and thinner, so could not hold the toppings well. Plus when I opened them the fat smelled a bit old.
The lamb was as not seasoned enough or succulent enough. It was dry and bland. I think chopped garlic and onion would have been helpful, even some tomato paste. I forgot that I also added toasted caraway and fennel seeds, which helped. Maybe adding water with the powdered spices to make a slurry. And I should have added the blessed golden raisins for punch!
The beans should have had a little vinegar and chopped garlic in addition to the harissa.
The tomato chutney needed something—salt maybe. It wasn’t adding much, except the mint. But maybe if the meat and beans had been better it would have helped.
The feta was very distracting. Maybe I would have used Mexican cheese. The olives weren’t needed. Maybe served on the side would have been better.

Not sure if I would do it again. The pita chips were really not that good. Maybe using actual flatbread would be better for this dish.
One of my favorite ways to make chicken...

Dredge chicken pieces in melted butter.
Coat with cracker crumbs.
Bake at 350F for an hour on shallow baking dish.

I use my bullet blender to make the crumbs and add whatever herbs/spices I'm in the mood for. Tonight was s&p, crushed red pepper flakes and garlic powder. Some stores carry cracker meal but it can be hard to find. It's old school. Lol.
I just sort of winged this chili together, based on what we had… pretty durn good.

Olive oil
Onions (chopped)
Red bell pepper (minced tiny)
Salsa Verde
Ground chicken
Chicken thighs chopped

Chicken stock

White pepper
Smoked paprika

Navy beans
Great northern beans
Cannellini beans


BASICALLY? Add it all together & simmer for a few hours.

OPTIONAL / Topping = Fire roasted corn, bacon, cilantro, jalapeño.
Choose Your Own Adventure Chicken

Chicken breasts, cooked @225F until 180F, & sliced. (Steamed hot later, if desired).
Basmati Rice

- Creamy Basil Alfredo + broccoli (made it, in a pan, on the stove)
- Spicy Tomato Ginger Curry + peas (ditto)
- Lemon Pepper & Caesar Dressing + salad (open the door, grab off shelf)
- Anything you can come up with, from the fridge. (Go. For. It.)

Add the base (rice or salad or tortillas, whatever) to your bowl.
Add chicken.
Add sauce.

Buh-bye, now. Bye-bye. Byes!

I prepped it. You make it. I’m going to bed.
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I do this one actually quite regularly except our base is 5 cheese tortellini or ravioli. To. Die. For! ❤️‍🔥

@Friday total side note
have you ever used Jasmine rice instead of basmati?
I usually use
- Jasmine rice for Mexican or Thai or Chinese
- Basmati for Indian or Middle Eastern
- Calrose for Japanese
- Aborio for Risotto
- Bomba/Calasparra (or aborio) for Paella

Anything else, I just grab whatever rice I’m in the mood for. (Or don’t have to go to the store, for! 🤣)
Prepping for Chicago Beef Sandwiches for Friday.

Defrost & Dry Rub. And that’s today’s work, done!

The only points I disagree with the author about, is that 1) I cook my beef mid-rare, not well done, by reverse searing & 2) Manny’s has the best sandwiches in the city. Not Johnny’s. The rest is spot on!

* Amazing bread trick… take a spoonful of spiced fatty au jus & cook off the water on a skillet. THEN grill your bread face down on it, until the inside is all crisp, and the outside all warm & fluffy. The cooked off au jus duplicates the effect of a bazillion sandwiches being made on a flattop (grill) cross contaminating everything (seasoning) so your charred/crispy bread is all oomphy with flavors, & also doesn’t get all soggy from the meat juice & veggies.