What are you having for dinner? (wanna share your recipe?)


These are the most delightful looking pies ever! My goal today is a killer chili, complete with guiness (for the chili). These lock down days sure make me lazy. Been relying on Hello Fresh for dinners, and soups/stews that I make for lunch. Chili will be the next forver lunch. You can’t just make a small pot. Fortunately it is one item I don’t mind having in the freezer, so I will bag up portions and freeze them.


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You mean mother truckers....?
I don't think so. Mother truckers might have a harder time appreciating a mudflap girl cookie cutter -- not in every instance, of course. Trucker mothers won't always like it, but they might get them to make cookies for their sons. 🤣

Don't mind me. I have WAY too much time on my hands.


Made cashew cream for the first time, for a soup base for the north. What a revelation! It was all i could do to not slurp it up all by itself.
Cha... It’s wicked good stuff. I mostly use it in soup bases & curries, but blended thick with a little agave, vanilla, & booze it makes amaaaaaaazing “marscapone” for tiramisu. My next project with it is the creamy part of bacon wrapped grilled jalapeño poppers. I’m expecting I’ll have to thicken it beyond itself (agar, xanthum, tapioca, something. IDFK what just yet), but some chive and lemon and shallot I theeeeeenk will herbaceous it up right.


Tonight I continued the saga of new recipes of restaurant favorites. This time was Chicken Marsala over thin spaghetti. Definitely
a recipe to repeat Chicken Marsala Recipe


Made Pecan Pie for the first time. Loosely followed this recipe but bought the pastry case, and it was very shallow so only used just over half the filling. Oh and I doubled the pecans. Hers looks bare naked!



@Friday I can do this! Sounds yummy and a change for lentil everything I have been eating in the north. Home today, to a real store tomorrow.....I made a dud lentil soup...was one from an OH She Glows book, not sure how it went wrong, Lentil soups all start out the same, I generally look at soup recipes for inspiration, but this was the first one I could not finish. Luckily. I had made Burmese Chicken for Sunday dinner for the other nurses, now THAT was delish... and a day of left overs from it and from Chicken Adobo from the weekend previous.