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What Are You Looking Forward To?


I'm trying to do the building-a-life-worth-living thing and I find it very hard.

I react badly to focussing on gratitude, but I've realised that looking forward to things works for me. Does this help anyone else?

At the moment I'm looking forward to my book group in a few days' time. It's a really good group and something I actually enjoy. This time I think most people will have hated the book so talking about that should be fun. :p
I am looking forward to finishing my adult kid's book. I think I am on the 90th revision. Almost done.

I plan on going over to the stables nearby and riding a horse.

I am looking forward to going to Manhattan hopefully next summer to see my grandmothers' names on the Immigrant Wall or whatever they call it. I paid to have them put on. I also look forward to seeing The Chelsea Hotel even though it is nothing like before and I don't even know if the renovations are done.

I look forward to the snow being cleared so I can do my hour walk outside.

I look forward to going to Ireland someday.

I look forward to having chocolate wafers and a Coke in a minute. (I will follow up with protein!)
I look forward to going out to my therapy appointments. I like the bus ride there, looking at the mountains that I never get tired of looking at. I look forward to sunrise, even just the bare bones of the dawning day, when you can barely see that there is a bit of light in the sky. I look forward to almost any outing except going to the dentist!;) I look forward to turning on my computer and coming here. Once I wake up enough to focus, I look forward to reading my Bible. Also I like to read novels, ones that start with a Bible verse and the characters go to church, pray and so on. I look forward to spring....
I am looking forward to getting my body back. I may not be as skinny as I once was, or I may not be able to lose at all. Who knows? All I know is that I am looking forward to the day I can accept myself as I am and work with it. I am visioning myself thinner and healthier. That is more then I use to be able to see.
The only thing that matters is what you already said self exceptance, I'm working on that.
There are no monsters, only nature, only us) unless psychopathic diagnosis I don't think we would be here.
(Eindstein, he didn't give shit about what he looked like and I found out the only good about getting older is that ppl finally see that you have a brain).

Rubins had his ideals about beauty.
That was then, but I know from men that when a woman carries herself with confidence, she is the the most desirable of all.

I erased some posting on this thread because I felt it was meant to be positive.

I love you being so open in your message, its very beautiful.

I wish to read some more. It's is a nice thread, I want ro follow.
The other replies to it made me smile, it feels good to smile.
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I always look forward to the weekends, our lives get so busy during the week that there is little time to just be quiet together, to do laundry and let the outside world just be out there and to be in the house just us and to sleep peacefully usually for the first time in days. During the week I look forward to reading at night.

I look forward to my journaling when I am stressed as it usually helps to get the junk out of my head and allows me some peace to sleep.

Sometimes I even look forward to work as it is a distraction and keeps me busy, even when its stressful and crazy busy.
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I used to not like the idea of a gratitude list because as a child I heard frequently that I was a spoiled ungrateful blankety blank - (yah, like the terrifying unpredictable abuse was just the best! loved the hand me downs from cousins too.) but someone I loved and trusted asked me to write down the things that made me happy in a day so I did it. The semantics switch made a difference.

I was shocked to find many simple things in a day made me happy like a Coke in the morning, a friendly dog I petted on the street, my favorite show on TV, etc. My life stopped feeling 100% lousy and I came to look forward to writing these things down. It evened up the score a little. Sometimes a lot.