What Are You Looking Forward To?

Ending this perceived procrastination stage of getting the carrot top part of my costume figured out and fixed to be sturdy enough to take my show on the road. Shift is happening in every other direction, instead, and keeping me busy. So, am I really procrastinating or is it just simply not doable right now, but kicking my own ass for it is my default setting, so there I go, straight into the boxing ring, once again, with my best intentions. Grrr..... Dammit, self-talk.
Other than the crippling synthetic stank of chemicals that most feel is "good hygiene", it went pretty smoothly, @Bearlinda . I enjoy the comfortable speed and flow of it, for sure! Hoping for less olfactory overwhelm at the next 5 classes. What kind of dancing are you looking forward to? A class or just cranking up the jams and cutting loose wherever you are? Boogie on! :)
1. Not being abused by family anymore.
2. Summer vacation far away from home.
3. Visiting with people who really care about me.
4. My daughter getting on her feet financially and feeling better about herself.
5. Retirement
6. Doing more things with art, music, crafts, and creative energies that I enjoy.
7. Feeling safe.
8. Moving forward in therapy....rather than stuck in crisis mode from family drama.