What are you willing to sacrifice?


My dream job was offered to me last week but would require I take a substantial cut in pay at least initially. I am trying to figure out what I am willing to do without/sacrifice for this chance at a dream I had basically given up on. So the question is what would you be willing to sacrifice in your life for your dream job?


Yep, and I have in the past. My thought was that if you are doing what you love, you spend your life being fulfilled. Of course now that I am 62, I don't want to give up so much. I think the main concern would be if you could continue to be stable with changing the way you live. I am so frugal it's funny. I make it like a quest to get what I need without paying for it. What can you live without? What do you spend money on, and can you find a way to get things without spending money? Would you have to move?

If I am talking about what I can do without, I stopped buying books and use the library, or Kindle unlimited. I get free stuff from Craigslist and make it better. My bedroom set was free, I made my own chalk paint and painted it for a new look. I grow my own veggies and can and freeze them. I buy plant seeds and make my living space a jungle. I wouldn't give up internet, or video games but I would happily live without TV or cable. I breed my own chickens. These are the things that make me happy.


This is very personal decision and it is hard to compare values especially when the details are not known. I have taken silly jobs in the same organization almost four years ago at the beginning of my demise of starting therapy just cause I could not think or be at my optimum (dissociation was quite high) and kept up for a while. Just this year I am back to closer to where I want to be both responsibilities and pay. and now I am aiming at a higher paying with more responsibilities jobs because my attention, focus, and ptsd is under control. However, during this time I was also in school to get education for my dream job and realized that I do not want to get paid for my dream job and that I would prefer getting paid appropriately and do my dream job as a hobby as not to mix my bread and passion.

This is not for anyone. I am in high income couple and I like making money now cause I focused relationships in my earlier days....my healing ptsd unleashed my potential in ambition.

So again very hard. My thoughts about your post is that if you can live as comfortable as you could, then take it but honestly I realize over the years, financial freedom does help mental health to a point...even at minimum you can afford therapy easier.

ps. I want to add lowering my jobs impacted my resume negatively and honestly I had to work harder to get back...but that is that too...optics of fake corporate world!I am still the same person.
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I think it depends on what matters to you - and what impact the pay cut will really have.
If you take the job does it mean you can still pay your rent and other "living" bills but give up the fun stuff like eating out, vacations, etc for a while?

If so, maybe approach it backwards and write out a list of why you wouldn't take it. The whole pros and cons thing. Because sometimes what makes your soul happy is way more important than what makes your checkbook happy.


I did it. I took a job that had a significant cut in pay. But it was my dream job. And I ended having to sell my house because of the cut in pay. And that was incredibly hard. I miss my home. And for a while life was really hard and stressful. Having said that, given the same choice I'd do it again. I'm doing what I was meant to do. Home is more something I carry inside than where I live, so I've made a home out of this place.


Sorry, didn't mean to disappear for so long. I am currently working an interim job that I had thought three weeks ago was going to be my future. In that time, I was offered what equates to my dream job. I will still be working with public sector organizations (local & state government, K-12 schools and non-profits) but unlike the past 15 years and this interim job, I won't be a local government employee, I will be working for a Broadband Internet Utility, assisting organizations with obtaining broadband internet for their organizations and in their communities. No longer will I be working 40-80 hours a week depending upon the time of year and what is on my plate, no longer will I be a "public figure" subject to scrutiny and gossip via social media and traditional media.

It is going to be a challenge, I am accepting a substantial cut in salary (approx. $20K) but my benefits - medical, dental, vision, retirement etc will be better. And more importantly, I will get to have a personal life without worrying about every thing I ever say or do being scrutinized through a political lens. I will gain stability, no longer will my employment be at the whim of the most recent election and whether the winners like the job I am doing.

So, things will be getting more challenging not less over the next few months but I am really hoping this move is an improvement for my mental health.