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What are your ACE/PCE scores?

not a be-all or an end-all, most definitely correct. Not even close, not even a shorthand version of our pedigree. Just another measurement of something that defies quantification.
At best it is a test that attempts to place an individual on a spectrum, but it does it on ten data points, each a binary statement, yes or no. No calibration for when within an 18 year period the binary point is reflecting, how the data points cross effect each other (if you experienced a separation of your parents, did it happen because you were sexually assaulted by one of them and that person went to jail, or was it a white collar crime that suddenly removed your most loving and nurturing parent from you for a time?)
It is not an end-all or be-all, just a number that gets assigned to us based on some very loose interpretations of some very specific experiences.
Well, to take on your examples, if you were sexually abused and you were separated it's more of a betrayal. And you have to grieve that. If the caregiver went to jail it's still a betrayal (the caregiver wasn't responsible towards you). Either way you'll have to grieve. Albeit, I personally believe sexual trauma leaves more lasting changes than if the caregiver "only" went to jail.

Yeah it very much has it's limitations.
.I go back to the only sexual abuse question and if the abuser is less than 5 years older then it doesn't score.
Lots of people have experience horrendous abuse by someone less than 5 years older than them, and this would mean 0 in this.

So it's very limiting.

But all of these things are.
Indeed though it's a difference to experience it at a younger age than when you're an adult and are resilient (presumably you've the foundations in place). Not to say experiencing sexual abuse at a later age isn't bad.
Lol I got a 10 on the ACE

0 on the PCE I guess? Kinda not sure

Anyway, it seems I'm in a similar boat to lots and lots of people my age, so I'm not that concerned about the score to be honest. The thing about living through trauma is that you tend to become traumatized. You don't get traumatized if you don't live 🤷🏼

Not to diminish anyone who feels this score impacts them. I'm 100% sure mine is impacting me, I just don't know how to feel about a number, just wanted to participate
I've had encounters with a girl and my therapist said it was ok. I had another encounter with a guy and that, I think, was molestation. So age difference does matter.
Those are your encounters. For others it’s different. The age difference does not matter if abuse is happening. I was abused/assaulted/raped, mostly by adults but also by a child who was my age. it does matter.
Marginally more helpful than reading my tealeaves, marginally less entertaining than horoscopes.

A measurement which is incredibly helpful and insightful when it gets it right, and very quickly dismissed as ‘not applying to all situations’ when it gets it wrong.
To me, it's useful. Knowing my score and health outcomes as per research is important. So far, they've lined up. Though it may be there are folks who don't find it useful which is ok.
as compared to finding my home on google maps, these tests are maybe zip code level, but could be as far from home as state or even time zone level. Not gonna get anyone to where I live, may not even get them close, might be an hour off.
ACES = 4
PCES = 0

I appreciate that they’re also looking at the absence of positive experiences as a valid factor. It’s difficult to communicate that what didn’t happen had a huge impact on you. it seems to confuse people and they seem to think it’s just normal envy and it shouldn’t be a big deal.

like the ACES test, its not a perfect scale, and doesn’t come close to covering all the missed experiences. But it’s a start.