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What are your pet peeves ?


Some days it's the small things that send me over the edge... I have quite few Pet Peeves, and thought others would like to share theirs....

People pulling out in front of me, when no traffic behind me, to go one block and turn....
People standing in the middle of the isle while shopping...and being totally ignorant to me standing there fuming. I back up, go around the other isle to get to what i need, and then they are gone when I get there .....
Someone saying 'huh' when you have told them something really important.
Wishy washy people, friendly one time and a blank stare the next... (hmm, just thought, that could be one of US !)

My list is huge . Patience is NOT one of my virtues... so will leave room for others to share...
You've hit on a few of mine. LOL!!!!!! Drivers that fail to use their directional signal. I usually scream, OH didn't realize they didn't put directionals on that model car! ASSHOLE! My soon to be ex landlords. I would walk by and say, "Hi" and get the blank stare. Next time I'd walk by she would start up a hour long chat! :banghead::banghead:

I have so many pet peeves that it would take up too many pages....... good thread!!!!
Great thread idea!
1) people who tell you "I get it, I know how your feeling"Really? You disassociate too? Lol,not!
2)Punk ass pencil pushers half my age telling me I'm only allowed 1 session a week because my insurance sucks
3) anyone who hurts children or the elderly
4) mean people
Ok, that's a start. Whew! Thanks @ladee. That felt kind of good
  • open mouth chewers
  • open mouth heavy breathers
  • "yeah but" responses from those who never respond in any other way
  • turn signals not being used
  • artificial scent wearers/users (it makes me physically ill)
  • purposeful snippiness/rudeness (although I now realize from my own experiences that a lot of it often comes from unaddressed issues/pain/unhealthy environment, etc. - it's rarely "just" an encounter with an asshole)
  • intoxicated people who don't respect boundaries
  • being asked to donate to charities in various check-out lines
  • seeing dead animals being served at fundraisers supporting domesticated animals...grrrr
  • slow drivers in the passing lane
  • drivers who ride my ass dangerously close
  • drivers who insist on driving while distracted by cell phones, be it talking or texting
  • food/restaurant industry employees who don't know what vegan means
  • people who maintain and cover for much unethical bullshit under the guise of, "I'm just doing my job"
  • those who knowingly allow the suffering of any other living being
  • i'm sure there's more......but that's a good start......lol
Sniffers- especially when they refuse your offer of a tissue.

Those who always have to have the last word in emails and copy everyone from the initial email. An individual thank you is nice. We all don't have to know you are saying thank you or you're welcome or your reply to the "you're welcome" with "Anytime!" or that followed with, "Have a great day!" and the return, "You too!" while 10 people are copied.

Getting an answer to a question that tells me everything but what I wanted to know.

People who repeatedly give you the same answer when you ask for clarity.

People who answer your question before you finish asking even though I am guilty of the same thing.

Being cut off in the middle of making a point with a subject changing statement and everyone else responding to the subject change. I know this is part of my inability to pickup on social ques but I still hate being reminded that I don't.
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It really bugs me when someone says, "This or that happens/is remembered because you are now strong enough to handle it."

Excuse me but the CPTSD dragon totally blindsided me with the mental, emotional and physical ass kicking that I'm still experiencing. If I am supposedly strong enough to handle it, then why am I trying to hide under the bed totally oblivious to the fact that there is no way my fat head let alone my fat ass is physically capable of doing this.
I don't know what the rhyme or reason is but for sure "it" wasn't patiently waiting until "I was ready".
Consideration is not a trait of the C-PTSD dragon.