What counts as trafficking?


Just like the title, what is considered actual trafficking and does it actually matter to know whether you were or not?

Think like 9 ish year old being shared sexually with multiple friends of parents repeatedly.


according to the action -> means -> purpose (AMP) model, trafficking requires two things (not always simultaneously): movement, and commerciality.

commerciality is defined as any thing that is of value that is exchanged between any person (food, shelter, jewelry, money, gifts) and movement is that the person is moved somewhere (typically across state/provincial lines but it can involve countres as well.)

in the united states federal code trafficking occurs at any time if a minor is involved in soliciting commercial sex acts, so this could fall under the defenition of trafficking if commerciality is a factor.
Like the term "rape," the term "trafficking" has a legal definition and a ... I can't think of the word. Basically the meaning everyone uses outside of the legal definition.

The extralegal meaning of trafficking means one was passed around for sex, whether for commercial gain or not.