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What did you do for fun today?

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It was really hot out today so J and I floated on our floaties (not sure what anyone else calls them?) in our little lake for about an hour when we got home from work. J wears swim fins and propells us all around. He gets going pretty fast sometimes. Someone asked us if we had a motor. J just pulled his feet out of the water. Big ole blue flippers. 😂

Relaxing, peaceful and even a little romantic. ❤❤❤

What did you do for fun today?


Called a friend today I haven't talked to in a while and we got to laughing about the stupid things we have done since getting clean and sober. How silly those things are to remember and how upset we were when they happened. Made us laugh even harder. Laughter. Always healing.

Sounds like a perfect end to a busy day for you and J ! Wish I had a safe water place to go to. It's very hot here too. Glad ya'll had a good time.
I have been so busy struggling to get by that fun never even entered my mind. However, I am looking forward to the fall of the year when I can relax and have a couple of drinks with extended family and friends around the fire pit. Does that count? I know I am in need of fun things to do, especially since my sister passed away, she was the one to make me laugh and get things going in a happy direction. I sit on my butt, isolated, alone and bored a lot of the time and it is not a good place to be. Thanks for starting this thread. I look forward to learning more fun ideas.
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That's great @NatBird. There has been so many times J wasn't feeling all that great about doing something. Yet, when he follows through he usually has a good time. And often thanks me for getting him outdoors.

Today I went shopping for my friend's 50th birthday party tomorrow. She's having a Woodstock theme. I found J a tie dyed shirt to wear with some cut off jean shorts. I found myself some cool sunglasses, headband and some crazy necklaces to go with what I already have to wear. (I'm a hippie/flower child at heart) It was fun. I'm surprised by all the 60's apparel and accessories I found in the stores. ✌& ❤!!!
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@ladee. Most of my friends I've known since childhood. My bff I've known since kindergarten. When we get together or talk on the phone we're all just a bunch of kids again. I love it!!

@Lionheart777, I love bonfires too. Just spent the holiday weekend with the family camping(ish). One of my favorite things to do.

@bellbird, you are possibly the only person I know who could have fun in a traffic jam. 😊

@ziter, hilarious. Friends are allowed to do that. 😂

@Kubash16, the day isn't over yet. Get your jammies on find a favorite movie and have some milk and cookies. Fun in a relaxing way.

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