What Did You Do For You Today???


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Ok, it is a given that as a Supporter we tend to take a back step to PTSD when it is affecting our lives.

I think we should write a list of what we did for ourselves each day as a habit to remind ourselves to cater to our needs as well. It doesn't have to be anything dramatic or impressive... it could be just taking time out even if for only 10 minutes.
  • Yesterday I went dancing with my husband which I enjoy and is helping strengthening my back (win win for both of us).
  • Today we practised our dance moves...
  • Tomorrow I am going to get my nails done. Having a girly chat with the nail technician is very therapeutic.
Now it's your turn............

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Yesterday... I took out my frustrations on the front garden! Not much left - but it looks a lot better!

Last night... I listened to my favourite music whilst my husband watched football.

Today... I'm going Bike-joring - running my Husky with her pulling my bike.

Tomorrow... I will nurse my bruises from today's efforts!


Today I went for some retail therapy.

Told my daughter I was not coming over to see her. This was one of those choices of should and could, so chose the should cancel for my own reasons, no one else's.

Now I am sat here, instead of keeping hubby company while he is watching a film. He can sit and enjoy them on his own more now.

The Albatross

For "we": Mr. Albatross and I fellowshiped with a friend and had a good visit and nutritious supper (and both got hugs).

For "me": I took a two hour nap and set a goal for quitting cigs. I started at noon today and am aiming for 7 days. Then I'll reassess it. I've been successful twice but relapsed (2 years this time)... the third time a charm??? I promise I won't whine.

The Albatross

I did do 7 days. I began storing up stress like charging up a battery. Resumed, but it is still on the table as a goal. I haven't set a new quit date yet. I was a thumb sucker too. I think it is an offshoot of self soothing as a child... I haven't found a way to self soothe and stop building up stress. I also need to challenge the core belief, that another trauma is waiting for me around the corner... I've had so many... I think that I don't just need to think "hope", I have to believe it. I don't believe it yet after the last trauma. I'm working on it.

I had forgotten about this thread. I like the idea, but it is in the supporter section. Maybe we can have one in the PTSD section... I do try to do one thing each day to soothe/nurture/parent/love myself. It started as a challenge from a mentor, and it became a habit. I found it really helpful... because when my mind starts slinging sh*t at me about what a f*ck up or failure I am... I can turn my mind back to the small things I do each day, and refute the thoughts giving back love that my brain can't refute... little things I do to care for myself.


Yesterday I started the process for filing my bankruptcy which has taken me 3 years to come to terms with. Not my favorite solution but definite result of what happens when you give too much to someone. So it was a good thing for me to accept it and do it and try to celebrate in the moving on from it. So I opened one of my more expensive bottles of wine I had been saving, had specialty cheeses with sliced apples and crackers and split a big piece of chocolate cake with my sufferer after a really good homemade dinner.

This morning I went for a run on the tred mill, blasted my music, while the sun rose in the window.

Tonight I'm going to go to my therapy appointment, discuss my accomplishments/realizations (I think I've discovered 3 in the last two weeks) and then go lay in the tanning bed which I know is bad for me but it always relaxes me and I only do it to get ready for being at the lake :)