What Did You Eat And Drink Last?

Sounds like you're off your food, hope ya managed something :)

@Bearlinda - Funny you should say that as I noted in my journal this morning that I felt a bit "off my feed" like when a horse won't eat its hay/oats. It made me chuckle as I thought I might need to change my name to VioletThoroughbred. :) Naaayyyy, I managed some walnuts later in the evening, but, yes, off my feed a bit.

Doing better today, had breakfast of 2 sl fiber toast (whole grain, extra fiber added), diet margarine (sorry, no butter here), a very small banana, a boiled egg, and tea w/ milk. Kashi bar w/ decaf diet coke for lunch. Pondering dinner; not feeling the love, but will make an attempt at maybe something.

I did stop at the market and found they had cage free/vegetarian fed eggs and garbage-free chicken breast on sale so I splurged. :)

baked beans
Looked this up as I didn't think you'd be having the American version for breakfast :eek: A bit sweet and missing the fried chicken. lol The British version sounds interesting, like a savory dish, right?
It was prep and cook a bunch of vegan vittles to stock for mom day, so I grazed by taste testing some mashed potatoes, cole slaw, two types of g/f pasta salad, steamed broccoli, steamed fordhook lima beans, garden salad with papaya poppy seed dressing, taco salad made with walnut "meat" and salsa added to some garden salad on top of sweet potato tortilla chips, and some fruit salad with bananas and red grapes drizzled with fresh lemon and lime juice.

I sipped on lemon water first thing this morning, then a little apple juice, and then some unsweetened sarsaparilla/stinging nettle/lemon/ginger tea, with more water in between. My taste buds were diggin' it all, looking forward to hearing mom's reviews tomorrow.
@VioletButterfly I rather like the name Violet Thoroughbred! Sounds like something from Harry Potter :cool:
Glad you managed a bit of a feed today too :p
I had to look up American baked beans, don't think I'd ever heard of em before. They sound nice but very sweet? And our baked beans are savoury yes, they go very nice with buttered things - toast or jacket potatoes mainly.
Today had Pork Stew, from a recipe I made up myself. Also, made using my Dad's old slow cooker which I have been learning how to use. It was really delicious which is most gratifying.
Drank sparkling mineral water