What Did You Eat And Drink Last?

Tornadic Thoughts

Started the day off with making a big batch of beet root/beet greens & stems/apple/ginger/lemon juice to use up the bunches of beets from the garden. Had a big tall glass of it mixed with my greens and shrooms powders.

Drank a couple quarts of H20. Munched on unsalted tortilla chips and our homemade salsa from last season's goodies.

Made a sauce with sauteed homegrown garlic/onions/bell peppers/heirloom tomatoes/basil/oregano and added a small can of tomato paste and No Bull burger balls, then served it on top of buckwheat/sweet potato soba noodles.

Had a cup of nettle tea and some more water.


A bowl of salad with 2 brown rolls. Breaded mushrooms with garlic sauce. Chicken breast with jacket potatoes and green beans and peas.treacle sponge with custard. Mmmm! 😋

Tornadic Thoughts

Lots of lemon water upon rising - then a cup of nettle tea.

Finished off my last jar of beet/apple/ginger/beet greens & stems/lemon juice.

Had a bowl of chopped romaine lettuce/garden onions/chopped celery/grated carrots/vegan feta topped with papaya poppy seed dressing for lunch.

Mo' H2O.

A few thai spring rolls with peanut sauce and sweet and sour dipping sauce, made by my Vietnamese friend, for supper.

Whipped up homemade chocolate sauce with dates/a smidge of maple syrup/cacao powder/greens and shroom powders/and water to drizzle over my homemade dairy-free nice cream made with frozen baby bananas and vanilla extract.

Tornadic Thoughts

I ventured out to pick up our online grocery order today and discovered a Thai food food truck not too far from home. Oh happy f'n day! 🥰

More fresh spring rolls are in the house! Along with some veggie lo mein with tofu. Currently doing the, "I don't have to cook!!!" dance. It's rare that I get two of those in a row.

The lady that owns the restaurant and the food truck is in her 70s and is so kind and full of joy. What a sweet soul to cross paths with.