What Did You Eat And Drink Last?


Pancakes eggs hash browns grapefruit oj coffee with maple syrup.


You always have such lovely meals!
I do my best to cook for myself and I try to alternate cereal and something else for breakfast.

Blame my Aunt that I lived with after my cornea transplant for my love of grapefruit. In her house there was a southeast facing corner window in the kitchen, and on both ledges - grapefruit. It got about a week sitting in the morning sun to ripen before it was breakfast.

Potatoes are quick and easy you need a Borner V-Slicer. It's a mandolin thing and has a julienne attachment that cuts about 1/4 inch sticks in one pass and then I use a knife to cube. Slice of onion, chopped with salt and pepper and fry em up crispy.

Eggs and pancakes are really easy - I use my Dash Griddle for both. Makes nice round pancakes and since its on - eggs only take a minute. (My T thinks I may be a little CDO because you know - it's gotta be perfect - except my T likes the letters out of alphabetical order and says OCD)

Organic Ketchup, and some Franks Red-Hot on the eggs plus my special (single press) Maple Syrup on the side so you can dunk the pancakes and it makes you want to eat.......on days you are not hungry.