What Do You Need In This Moment?


What do you need in this moment? Do you need compassion? Do you need to scream? Do you need to cry? Do you need to ask for help? Do you need to fold your laundry? What do you need in this moment?

Right now in this moment I really need a break from distorted thoughts. If I can't just make them stop right now forever in this moment then I need a break from them. And I need tea. I like tea so I need it.


@Heather Oh, I'm so sorry that has happened to your child. What a tragedy, and so alarming. Most important thing is to just love that child, accept his or her emotions, whatever they are, and find constructive things and projects to keep them busy with. Keeping the mind off of it until the child is old enough for therapy is important, I think. Baking cookies, doing art projects, playing musical instruments or singing, going out for rides in the car and pointing out pretty and interesting things, playing games.... Let yourself be a child too, when you are playing. All these things and shopping are good.


I need to know that the 4 packages that I sent to my niece and nephew with family heirlooms in them arrived safely to them, (two each). I forgot to insure the one that had value (My pearls) and so I am nervous that it could get stolen. I sent them Priority Mail and I know that there is $50.00 insurance on that kind of mail, so I think they have to be signed for, but I am not sure if they can be signed for by a neighbor or just the recipient on the box. I pray it was the latter.


I need to deal with pain rather than end it.
I need to not see in bl-&-white, or choose white.
I need sleep, preferably peaceful.
I need more energy without anxiety.
I need energy to finish shoveling & laundry.
I need energy to get through work today.
I need something that would stop the migraines-? ('brain pain').
I need to do my back exercises.
I need to finish some birthday shopping for my sister.
I need to submit vacation requests by tonight if I want any from now til april next year. I need to be able to think I'll be here next year. I have no heart or desire for it.
I need to silence the toxic inner critic.
I need to accept compliments from peers, men & even seniors (at work).
I need to see myself as a positive (or at least neutral) presence.
I need a hug but I don't feel 'huggable' (toxic).
I need to write less. I seem pretty 'needy'! ^^ :rolleyes: :(
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