What Do You Think - Is Therapy A Waste Of Time?

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I have been seeing a therapist once per week, for 7 weeks, and we talk minimally and play games that involve memory. Many times, afterwards, when I return home, I'm in a much worse mood and my spouse comments that "I shouldn't go back to therapy anymore" and "you need to tell your therapist not to play those games with you anymore because they really set you off." I don't know why I get so angry other than I wish I could talk more, but there are so many things in my head and they get all mixed up. Well, I did tell my therapist my husband's concerns and how I do feel worse. I did ask if I should continue therapy and he said "only if I feel better afterwards and if you feel you're getting something from the sessions." I asked, "Do you think you can help me?" He said that first I should identify specific problems to address. Also, he's asked me to start a journal, but I forgot to ask is this something he'll read or is it just for my benefit? Writing and too much thinking.... I have undergone a series of tests and he knows many areas of concern. I need him to help me and have sought him as a last resort--can't do it on my own. What do you think?
No one I know of comes from therapy feeling better. They pull shit out and it hurts. It takes a long time to see results. I saw mine weekly for 6 months, and already have my new one lined up for out of state.

The journal will be yours. You build up trust... The journal helps to get things out of you and remind you of things you may want to talk about in therapy.

Biggest thing is trust with your therapist. It is a waste and you need to find another if you do not trust them. But to dump therapy as you feel bad after a session... Not a good reaon, like I said we all feel like crap coming out. If you felt great then it would mean they did not hit any issues.

Good luck.
I've been in therapy off and on for PTSD for about 11 years. The biggest problem I have now is I thought I would be OK and quit. I'm back in therapy once a week with no end in site. It's gonna hurt like hell. Veiled is right. Therapy is a BIG trust issue. If you don't like this one find another but DO NOT quit therapy. PTSD dosen't go away like a cold.
The pain means that you are healing... by getting all of that stuff out of your head. Hang in there with therapy.

On principle, I don't think therapy is a waste of time as, if you can find someone you trust, who will actually talk to you and work with you, it should be a beneficial process.

I grew up with a therapist, read all his books (etc.), learned the speech and all that stuff so I've always had a lot of trouble finding a therapist I like. It may be that I have (huge - yep) trust issues but I've never found a therapist I like or can trust. I 'hear' too much of their own bullshit - and some therapists have an unending supply of bullshit.

I haven't tried going back to a therapist in quite a long time, even though I know I could definitely use some help (definitely!). But it's important to find someone you trust, even if you don't 'feel better' afterward. I may be contrary, but I always asked a lot of questions about my therapist to get a feel for him/her.

I guess my only point is, if you can trust your therapist, hold on to them because it may be hard to find someone else with whom you feel comfortable.
Therapy hurts like mad. It helps, but its not a quick fix. I wanted it to be when I first started seeing someone about my problems. I was extremely frustrated with the situation which sounds similar to what you are experiencing. Trust takes a while to build up, keep telling your therapist exactly how and what you feel about the sessions. Sometimes it helps, both for you and him, to pace things a bit. Try to be patient and just go with the flow. I suggest you look at it a little differently. Getting to the point you've got to in actually seeking help is a very good start so well done. Set your sights a little lower to start with and congratulate yourself with each appointment you keep.

Good luck.
Very good advice Claire, which means your pretty open with your therapist then, which means you will have a higher rate of success in your healing. Well done....
Thanks Claire. I will try to lower my expectations a little and be more open. My husband recently went to a therapy session with me to ask what he could do at home to help me. This was very encouraging, too.
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