What does it take for you to forgive?



And to me, the empathy is just the best tool I've found, to get me to acceptance of their actions. But when empathy doesn't work or just isn't applicable, I can also go with behavior chain analysis. Find the underpinnings of how they made choices that follow in a progression...even if it's a warped logic, there's always some kind of logic to it.
Makes sense....


Something occurred to me tonight, JMHO and only mean for myself, but I think it is in stepping back and recognizing a Bigger picture. That is, for example I was thinking of myself and another, and we both have hairpin triggers (due to also stress and exhaustion, ptsd itself), though we react or respond entirely differently. Forgiveness in some ways doesn't even become necessary, or rather it is, but it doesn't feel as intentionally harmful if the harm came or comes from a place so intricately complex that in some ways it does defy reason(ableness), and, at least in some cases, comes from a place of pain or fear or stress-cup overflow. So I think in a certain way, like Rainer Wilke said, ~one day we'll know the questions, as well as the answers.

Also, to be forgiven, is also another thing entirely. But certainly if there is sorrow and remorse very freeing and dignity-building.
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