What goals would you wanna meet before discharge?



So I've recently been discharged from T and I feel its the right decision and ive met whatever vague goals I started with. So no intrusive memories and no SI thoughts.

But it's all a bit weird for me basically because uh I didn't even know I was aiming for no longer diagnosable but apparently I hit it. N obv there's controversy about whether PTSD can be cured or just treated but yah.

But what are your goals for T? Like at what point would you consider yourself or expect your T to consider discharge?

N uh yeah chucking out a bit of controversy here but do you think PTSD is curable or just treatable? (I've seen plausible studies for both sides. Nah I probs won't provide receipts cos I'm defo drunk in a hotel right now)



I think its like any disease...some people get better and never get sick again, while others battle constantly just to get past it, then they wait for the inevitable next time

When will I be done? When I can control it rather than it controlling me. whether its ignoring (in the right way) the intrusive thoughts, or being able to trust, or not constantly needing a go bag packed.... all of those fall under "managed."


N uh yeah chucking out a bit of controversy here but do you think PTSD is curable or just treatable?
I think it depends what part of your life it touches. Given proper engaged therapy you can get by most things. However if your trauma event wasn't just boom and it was over, if it went on for days, weeks, months, I think it touches enough of your life it may never go away.

Like I said in another post, therapy allows those memories to process, it doesn't take the hurt out of them. If you are triggered by things in daily life it is inevitable that you will continue to recall trauma memories and you may never get past that.


i was discharged from therapy in 2k with the expectation that i would have to do therapy maintenance exercises for the rest of my life. since i quit fighting the program, those daily exercises don't take much time and i seem to be holding steady with the decision. in my own case, i believe that curing my ptsd would be curing some of my greatest strengths. don't cure it. train it. i call that, "therapy maintenance," for lack of a better label. many of my psycho ticks grew out of those greatest strengths for the sake of surviving insane circumstances. rather than "cure," it made more sense to peel off the layers of dysfunction to free up those strengths for the tasks they were designed for.


Really great you're discharged from therapy and life is better for you. Massive achievement.

I know you're posting to ask other people's views, but wonder for you what makes it feel right?
I feel I might be coming to a point to talk about ending therapy. And I think that's because the trauma isn't consuming me in the same way, and triggers are more manageable and less intense. I can be curious about emotions that come up rather than overwhelmed/all consumed by them .so might be time I do this on my own with T?

But wondered what 'feels right' for you in ending therapy?
Current goals:
- low/no SI
- ways of managing shame and dissociation when they come up, so that they don't hijack my ability to make social connections, do my work, function.
- balanced boundaries/relationship with biological family, so they don't send me spinning.

I imagine I will go biweekly for a fair bit before ending, if T will permit it.


Thanks everyone for your replies 🙂

but wonder for you what makes it feel right?
Um. So I did emdr n then after did some CBT stuff n to write down whenever I had whatever thoughts etc and I had about a five week break and only felt shit like twice in that time.. so we started thinking about terminating then it was a two week break where I was totally fine the whole time. I realise that's only like two months really. But that's two months asymptomatic when my normal was quite intense SI thoughts weekly with like trauma bollocks and angry af as a human all the time.

N also. T has historically been a pretty shit experience for me, like made to go as a teen then it was just T and parents against me really (even now looking back) so I basically *dreaded* T for days before every session for uh majority of the time. Then I found it just a bit inconvenient that I had to be home on Mon mornings for privacy n couldn't take extra shifts etc.

I guess it kinda got boring n I had nothing to talk about. I have pretty good friendship support tbf, so I dont blahblah trauma specifics at them but we are all pretty open about stuff like shitty family relationships or random day to day stuff so yah. I guess I couldn't think of more stuff to aim for, my original aims were met as much as possible etc. (T would prefer me to cut contact etc. Or take more time for myself or whatever. But I'm pretty good with how things currently are.)
I can be curious about emotions that come up rather than overwhelmed/all consumed by them .so might be time I do this on my own with T?
I think you can bring it up without it putting a session limit on things, like kinda a plan of stuff to work on. Go over how things are compared to before etc. I'm not sure it has to be a big deal with a session limit put in (I know you're UK but if I mind right you're private?)

Yah. I dunno. Thats my rambley thoughts on it.


If I went back into therapy it would be specifically for trauma processing.

I have areas of my trauma history that are completely processed / wholly seperate from the spiderweb-clusterf*ck that is <waves hand around vaguely> all the rest of it. Whenever anything kicks me back into being highly symptomatic? Those parts are simply no longer a part of it. In any way. I’d like to add more segments to the “non-issue” side of the board.

I’ve been out of therapy since Covid.