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What Good Things Have You Received From those who brought you up?

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I know that many of us have received awful treatment and things from our parents or others who brought (or are bringing) us up. We have shared a lot of that awful stuff here on this website. I don't want to hear about that! I want to know what blessings or gifts you got from them. Good traits you picked up, things you learned from them that you use today, things that benefit you today, things like that. These can be physical, mental or spiritual. I will start.

1. My dad taught me to recite the multiplication tables. I am not that great with math otherwise, but I sure know these!
2. My parents got me a dog when I was in the 8th grade. I had been begging for one for years, when finally they gave in. This was because daddy met an English Setter that he was very impressed with. So Charlie came to live with us and he was such a great dog. He made me feel safer, he gave us laughs, he was very gentle and friendly to all.
3. Daddy gave me somewhat of a sense of humor, but mommy simply expressed that there was no such thing. So, sometimes I will sit there when a joke is told with a blank look on my face and other times I laugh with everyone else. I do love jokes though, unless they are on me.

I hope this will maybe give all of us a way to balance out some of the bad stuff they did by thinking positive.

I will add lots more to this thread later.

If this thread is in the wrong place, feel free to move it, thanks.
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One of the biggest statements used against me when I came forward about my abuse as a child was my mother saying, “You never remember the good things.” But I do.

I remember she came to my sports games as a child. My father coached my teams for a while. I found my love for competition.

They gave me a good work ethic. I have earned and worked hard for what I have, striving to do better.

I learned what I didn’t want in a relationship and a family. I found an amazing partner. I waited until I was ready to have children.


Personally I think it is shame in therapy we do not actually talk about what went right in our childhood to actually give us resiliency and we focus on so much the negative aspect so I find your post refreshing.

Whatever I list about my parents, they did the opposite with me but I learn both sides from them:

My mother was extremely altruistic person. My father was a great provider and allowed a lot of freedom to my mother in terms of finance, space and time.
Both my parents had their own separate friends.
Both my parents vacation and travel separately with us.
My mother was extremely kind and loving to the people who worked for us or for my father and would ensure we were the same to them too.
My mother was extremely kind to animals and the environment (she grew up in farms and was also knowledgeable about that).
My father was funny and shared experiences from his travels, work and allows us freedom of thinking.
My siblings were funny,protective, and loyal.

I could go on but it seems like I grew up in heaven....so I will leave it that. It was a mirror.


My parents gave me a very strong work ethic, and an education that has helped me find my own answers to many problems. Thanks to them, I now think for myself. They developed my natural persistence in the face of hardship. I always had clothes, food, and books. My brother has always been my best friend, and one of the healthiest relationships I've ever had.
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I will be adding to my list as I go along reading here. You all have given some great answers!

My father's father was the one who did me wrong. One good thing he did was to teach my dad how to make lentil soup. Daddy taught me how to make this tasty soup too, so I am glad of that, because I have made a lot of lentil soup through the years.
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My mom used to sit me in her lap when I was about 3-4 years old and rock us in the rocking chair. From this I have always gotten the feeling of comfort from rocking. I can even rock without the chair. I do so often, when I need comfort.
This is a bit vulgar but my mom taught me this..."Never lose your head over a piece of tail" Sorry if I am not allowed to say that!! She taught me to cook when I was just 6 years old. She also taught me right from wrong, how to be a decent person, what it means to be strong, and what it meant to love someone.

My dad taught me this before I went active duty in the military, he said, "Keep your mouth shut and don't volunteer for nothing." :) He taught me some life skills, a trade, and was at first an example of the things I did not want to become...tho his behavior changed later in life. Dad taught me how to play basketball. He taught me to be protective of those I love and care about.

Both of my parents taught me to be real, not fake, how to read early in life, and encouraged me to explore things that interested me.
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