What Has Helped You the Most with your Healing Process?


I just wanted to ask you to name one or two of the things that help you the most with healing. (Please just one or two things) For me, it is a combo of having a good support team and keeping a journal!

Take your time and think about what has helped you most and if nothing seems to be helping right now, please know that will very likely change if you stay on your healing path.

Thank you,
Your Friendly Neighborhood Lion


This is hard!

I think I’d have to say meds and supportive people

I have a lot of professionals helping me, probably more than most as I belong to a local support program where I have at least 5 people helping me in various ways, in addition to my therapist and psychiatrist who are unaffiliated with them.

Meds have been key for me as they help with my sensory issues. When my sensory symptoms are down, I feel so much better. I’m going through a periodic spike in med side effects, so I’ve had to lower the dose, and my repetitive thoughts are creeping back in. I’m fearful that things will get much worse, but all I can do is take it day by day.

Other things have been helpful as well, but these are probably what’s helped the most.