What Is On Your Mind Right This Second?


How did I to managed to got a cold in this meteo? Well the answer is obvious sweating and cooling myself down but seriously getting sick right now is the worst idea ever
Chapter 33: Making Difficult Decisions and Chapter 32: Addictions and Habits from Feeling Great by David Burns. I don't have the book but they sent these for free a while back. I wish I had a way to entice someone to check it out, and I wish I had the time and 10 hrs of sleep to do chapter 33.

i wish for a return to more joy and laughter and peace and security at home.
I was thinking a lot these last few days that although as a little kid I was very aware, as a pre-teen-ish I did not grasp the gravity of my dad going blind out of the blue, well even more so what it required because he had to hide it (chose to when I guess he checked out disability services and they told him to sell lightbulbs over the phone). But he was in his 40's. Though he used to say, "(My nickname) you be my eyes", and I was. And inflation then was what it basically is now, and double the interest rates. I am almost the age he died, he really was very mature/ had his stuff together/ found a lot of joy to have given and overcome and accomplished what he did/ got through for that age.

Reminded me because I'm always (usually) grateful for my sight, though I always feel in the back of my mind it would probably be more prudent to practice doing without it for some things, just in case, I mean, getting competent in them.


Exploding butts.

Got home to discover one of my dog's anal glands had erupted. In short...his arse exploded. Fortunately it's not a painful thing - just really gross.

Puts things in perspective, in a way. I mean, I've been through a lot...but then, I've never had my arse explode.

Grateful for small mercies.
You know dark survivor humor, right? I don't know whether to put the laugh emoji, hug emoji, wow emoji, it is all so applicable!!! Hope you are doing well (aside from the sh!t show, of course)!!