Complete What Is The Criteria Myptsd "ascertains As Validity" To Be Members?

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Mark Boothe

Dear Administration aka Anthony and Nicolette

My name is Mark and I am a new Member here (I cannot even begin to explain how or why I joined on November 1st, 2012). My first post after logging in for the first time (to my knowledge) was Wednesday 9:16pm (Melbourne Time), I'm at a loss as to what that would be at the same time in Oregon in the States?

Regardless, I somehow stumbled across Anthony's (founder and Site Administrator) Post -

threads-> emdr-lashback-when-emdr-goes-wrong.1388/page-2

I became extremely Triggered when in the thread he responded with ...

"The problem if it goes wrong is brain damage. This means, in a small dosage you could experience reliving your trauma on a heightened daily response. Basically your trauma is going to worse in your mind. If the damage is medium, the brain nearly fries itself, you could find some pretty serious states of shock, convulsions daily, loss of motor skills, etc etc."

Now when I get triggered, the "Symptoms" are...

"serious states of shock, convulsions daily, loss of motor skills, etc etc."

That is why it was so very Triggery for me!

"Psychogenic Non Epileptic Seizures", aka "Conversion Disorder".

That is exactly why in a very Dissociated state of experiencing Seizures, I posted it under "Flashbacks and Dissociation". I struck Gold! Very Helpful for my Trauma Disorders.

So sorry for my Thorough back ground and validating when I actually became a member, not what my Account Membership states 3 years earlier.

It's important, not "Tangential".

The first thing I ever posted as a "New Member" was the Post relating to Anthony's above mentioned Post...the-problem-if-it-goes-wrong-is-brain-damage.58133/

His final response to that Thread was as Follows...

"People should read date of posting. Just saying!" anthony, Thursday at 1:13am

I thought that was a very harsh thing to say considering he was the Original Author of the Post that Triggered mine? I did not know until this Morning that he is the Site Administrator and Founder of "My PTSD" and is the one "Investigating" any and all complaints in an "Unbiased Manner" as is Outlined in My PTSD Official Policies.

But hey, by very Nature of Very Serious Nervous System Injuries such as "PTSD" etc, we are all what I like to fondly call "Tender Paws". If we had a Thick Skin, we wouldn't Have PTSD. So it's all or our Jobs to try to do the best we can to "Forgive our Trespasses, as we Forgive those who Trespass against us", so to speak. Live and let Live, as a means to Recovery.

Last night while in Chat, Anthony popped in and I was very Excited (picture Excited Puppy to see his Master) that he did, for he appears to be the most educated member on this site in regards to "PTSD". I only assumed that due to his level of insight and expression of depth of knowledge in the few threads I have seen of his. Given the fact that he created this site back in 2005, I believe my Assumptions were correct. I don't think I will have anyone here Argue that point with me. :)

Any way, as I was stating, I was excited to have the Opportunity to get into In Depth discussions on this very Topic (in a limited chat setting sort of way) since it was my first Opportunity to do so. It didn't go so well because the questions I was asking were beyond his ability to answer or were outdated which was I'm guessing (only) embarrassing in front of his peers (which of course, is fine since we are all learning through out our lives and this is a relatively new field of study and in it's infancy).

Sadly he became very Defensive and started to react in the typical "Sympathetic Nervous System" sort of way we all suffer from here..."Fight Response". Everyone does this regardless of whether they have "PTSD" or not. It's our Nervous System at work when the "Hypothalamus" Responds to "Real or Perceived Cues and Triggers". It's just that we with PTSD (or much worse Trauma) tend to do it far more as a result of the Nervous System being so damaged by severe Trauma...aka "PTSD".

I get that and am trying to learn new ways of expressing myself as to not "trigger" others "Sympathetic Nervous Systems" (I really suck and doing everything I can to amend this fact! lol) I call it (as does the International Community) "Trauma Informed" care (behavior). It's Especially Critical when dealing with Traumatized and Vulnerable Populations such as in Communities like this!

Now within Minutes of this Disappointing interaction between Anthony and myself in chat last night, I suddenly was blocked from Chat. *blinks*


I have an ancient feeble computer that is on it's last leg and so I didn't just "Mind Read" anything into it, although most would of for Obvious reason as I just stated above. So I put in a PM to him asking if there was an Issue that needed to be addressed with me or if it was just a Technical Chat Feature?"

In the subject line, I posted it as

"was I blocked?"

"Joined: Nov 1, 2012

Dear Anthony
May be an odd quirk but have I been blocked from chat?

If so, may I please ask why since I have not been notified of any wrong doing?

This is very triggery due to my severe Childhood trauma's.

If I have done something wrong don't you think there is a more Trauma Informed manner to go about this considering the context in which we are all in?

If It is by some chance just a quirky thing I apologize for wasting your time and please always feel free to come to me first if there is anything I can do to become a better member of our community?


Anthony's Response was this...
"I have removed you from chatting until such time as you have a posting history to ascertain your validity here.

You can ask further questions via the help desk forum"
anthony, Today at 7:09 AM

I noticed that he also had added all staff into the conversations which was very triggery, as I am a Childhood Survivor of Mob Mentality personal attacks on me starting as a very young boy and never ended.

My immediate response to see this was as follows...


Do I at least get a last supper and a smoke first?

Mark Boothe, Today at 7:10 AM

(I was writing this and he responded a moment before that was sent and is why is listed after his, but was actually to noting that all Staff were added to the "Conversation".)

In Response to his response of "being Removed from Chat"...


"may I ask what that means in English?


As in I must have PTSD to Qualify, or does me being a member since Nov, 1st, 2012 (and that baffles the heck out of me! lol) but not having not enough posts etc?.

Can you please give me the link to how one must meet these "Validity" criteria?

I am very hurt and my heart is pounding in the typical way that all of us are far too familiar with, and yet would never guess it coming from a site dedicated to the recovery of such sufferings.

I am truly very confused by all of this. I am been attacked here several times for no good reason and they even admitted to it, and yet I am being the one punished.

Mark Boothe, Today at 7:18 AM

No Response-

My Response-
I posted Evidence of how I had been personally attacked in very Cruel and Vicious ways by my peers whom are "Premium Members" with the chat logs and personal Private Messages that are very frightening and clearly show that their "Premium Membership" Behavior is Potentially Dangerous not to mention Extremely Abusive.

In Response to that, Anthony Responds to it and locks the Conversation...

"Please ask all forum administrative questions within the help desk forum only"
anthony, Today at 6:45 PM

Hence this Post, as was Directed by Anthony personally on this Matter.

So now that we all have a basic general back ground of the context in which I am Posting Anthony's Personal Request as Site Administrator.

I will again ask here, these Reasonable and Logical Questions:

As he clearly stated without any reason or prior notice took action against a "New Member".

"I have removed you from chatting until such time as you have a posting history to ascertain your validity here.

You can ask further questions via the help desk forum"
anthony, Today at 7:09 AM

Action taken- "I have removed you from chatting"

Q. Why was I removed from chatting without any warning or explanation?

Q. Why did you Personally Disregarded my Request to you as to why, the moment it first Occurred?

Q. Again I ask, what in plain English does..."you have a posting history to ascertain your validity here." actually mean?

Q. What Criteria of our...

"help-community-constitution" or "help-terms" this "Validity" to participate in My PTSD forum Based upon so that Members can be sure to all be Informed and Compliant With?

As is Clearly Stated by Our "Community Constitution" as well as

we have the Right to Fair and Unbiased Treatment here and to be free from Retaliation and Abuse.

Community Personality

My PTSD's personality ranges widely within a candid and empathetic, challenging, yet supportive, membership. Diversity is the spice of life, and this community respects diverse opinions. A community philosophy often read here is, "use what helps you, ignore the rest."

Community Beliefs

To encourage and support one another to grow beyond our present selves. To be honest and considerate to other members. To endeavor to educate ourselves and each other about the facts and advances in the management of PTSD and related disorders. To contribute thoughtfully and celebrate diversity within the community.

Community Governance

My PTSD is run with a balanced approach between enforcing our legal policy, yet allowing members the freedom to express themselves. There is a difference between directly attacking someone, and expressing disagreement with their viewpoint. Governance applies to blatantly attacking another, without restricting expression of oneself within a respectful manner.

It is appreciated that members use some thought when writing subject titles, to assist readers to identify with content, whilst respecting membership reading levels. A relevant title and well written post significantly impacts whether you get little, or many responses. Content duplication is frowned upon by Search Engines, as such we ask that you only quote content you're directly responding, or simply reference the member by username within a discussion.

My PTSD does not use trigger warnings. Mind reading what could be a trigger for another is a negative thinking style, a problem all PTSD sufferers need correct at some level. Whilst some view its use as a courtesy, it is impossible (mind reading / crystal ball thinking) for you to know what will, or will not, trigger another person, regardless the graphic detail contained.

Members have the right to fairness and equality within My PTSD. Members should treat others as they desire to be treated. Members can ask administrative questions, or question staff decisions within the help desk forum. Members can contact staff privately for dispute resolution with another member.

Members can strengthen their position within the community by posting upon the forums, and having that content liked. As a members post and like counts increase respectively, so does their member title contained on all their posts, working towards "I'm a VIP." At 5,000 posts a member becomes a free lifetime premium member.

Staff have the power to edit or restrict content, restrict membership both temporarily and permanently. Staff ensure the community operates efficiently, with the least impact on overall membership. Staff act in an unbiased manner, to ensure harmonious operation of the community. To fully understand staff responsibilities and powers, you canLink Removedread the appropriate public staff documents which staff operate to.

Staff Policy

My PTSD Related
by anthony - May 25, 2015


This policy is designed to assist staff perform their duties, ensuring a common, unbiased, standard for community members.

Staff Conduct
  • Staff are expected to meet a higher standard of community professionalism with members.

  • Staff are expected to resolve member conflicts, administrative problems and perform their duties in an unbiased manner in accordance to community policies.

  • Staff are expected to maintain professional isolation between staff duties and community friendships.

  • Staff are expected to be open, honest and diligent with staff matters within the staff forum only (never collude with other staff in private).

  • Staff are to raise all staff matters only within the staff forum.

  • Staff are expected to remove themselves from staff duties in the event of mentally or physically unwell days, where they cannot perform their duties in compliance with this policy.
Personal Conversations (PC)

Staff is to invite all current staff to any PC of an administrative matter, when contacted as such by a member. This does not apply to the sending of default PC warning notices, unless the staff member forgets to lock the conversation and a reply is given.

Staff is only to consult with members via PC when the matter is of a private nature (compliance above) or conflict resolution.

Under all other circumstances, a reply must direct them to the help desk forum, such as:

Please raise this issue within the help desk forum as this is not of a private nature, or report the content via its attached report link.”

Add both administrators when in doubt of privacy concerns.

Rules Enforcement

The following procedure is applied to the issuance of warnings:
  1. Click the warning icon / link on the applicable content,
  2. Take notice that there are four tabs across the top of the popup,
  3. Tab 1 (Warning Information) – Check the applicable warning checkbox,
  4. Tab 2 (Member Notification) – Check the “Lock conversation” checkbox,
  5. Tab 3 (Content Action) – Do nothing unless content is to be deleted, selecting if applicable,
  6. (Staff NEVER use public warning on Tab 3),
  7. Tab 4 (only applicable if prior warnings) – Review prior warning history for member (As per below process),
  8. Complete process by clicking “Warn Member.”
  9. Edit the content as applicable for forum policy conformity.
NEVER issue a custom warning to a member.

Staff is to issue one (1) warning per member, per session, of the identical problem they find at that given time. This means:
  1. If you have 3 posts by the same member in a thread, and all three posts repeat the same issue, then you fix the three posts, issue one warning (providing other staff have not already initially issued),

  2. If you go to a new thread in the same moderating session and the same member has repeated the mistake, you edit both posts and do nothing further. This ensures no unnecessary distress against the member for repeating a mistake within the same user session, before being warned first.

  3. If the member repeats this action on subsequent days after warning, then warn as per item 1, adding a warning per thread where repeated after the fact.

  4. If the member has 2 posts in a thread, and both posts have unique issues, you can issue each post with a unique specific warning. This helps staff enforce community policy to new members as quickly as possible, with the least ongoing distress.
PrivacyThe legal policy covers member privacy, however; for the purpose of editing what is considered private information, staff must use their discretion. Posting something about yourself negates privacy laws. Posting something about another without consent, is breaching privacy laws. A member posting their first name, or full name, then choosing to redact it, does not breach privacy laws, thus is at editor discretion. Doing so once or twice may be acceptable to edit, though if the member has shared that information for a longer period, it would be impracticable to edit such content.

Personal Privacy does not apply to public entities, such as business, Government institutions, education facilities and such entities.

Conflict Resolution Process
The primary conflict in a community such as MyPTSD, is conflicting individualistic views (differing opinions). Conflicts will arise, and this process is a guide to resolving conflicts when one or more parties become disruptive within a topical conversation. This is an escalation process as required.
  • Read the discussion and identify the antagonistic member/s and immediately thread ban for the default 7 day period. If this solves the problem, no further action required
  • If either party continues, escalate further thread bans and locks as appropriate (permanent if required), including their own diary if they take to continued complaining about the situation in there. (Complaints will not be Tolerated!)
  • When all else fails, create a Personal Conversation (PC) with one or all parties involved, adding all staff, and begin discussing the issue in private. Title the PC with “Conflict Resolution” so all staff are aware for information purposes only (initiating staff member is the only one to participate, it is their conversation after all).
See conflict resolution staff sticky for appropriate points how to resolve conflict.

Attacking Content

In combination with the conflict resolution process, members can at times go beyond debating opinions or facts and shift to directly attacking the character of another. Attacks must be blatant, there is zero room for ambiguity. Because a person feels attacked, does not mean another directly attacked them.

Examples of a direct attack are:

  • You’re a piece of shit and can go f*ck yourself.
  • Roll over the die scum.
  • You’re a lying sack of shit.
These examples are blatant character attacks, thus the following procedure is required:

    • Place the content into moderation first, along with any replies that have directly responded to the attack,
    • Edit / delete the attacking content only, any references only in further replies, or counter attacks only, as you deem fit to ensure there will be no continuance,
    • Approve and send live all edited content,
    • Give warnings as applicable for any attacking / counter attacking as appropriate,
    • Enter conflict resolution step 1 for any antagonist within the discussion.
As we can clearly see now, it appears that this has ventured into many areas governed by so many of Official Community Constitution, Legal, Privacy, and Staff Policy, Violations.

People have a very difficult time understanding that, with just one act, one can and usually Violate others Rights many times over, which has a Cascading Effect, resulting in actually many Violations (which for me is extremely Visceral due to my Original Violation as a 3 year old Boy).

If you or anyone else is having are having a difficult time seeing that, I would be more than happy to list them in a simpler fashion since it's very easy to become overwhelmed by so much information all at once. That's not an insult, but rather something we as humans are all coping with at all times. It's very normal in fact.

anthony, Today at 7:09 AM

Action taken- "I have removed you from chatting".

Resulting Violations of my Rightsas is Official My PTSD Policy that He Created and has a Duty to Adhere to as he firmly has stated.

1. Members have the right to fairness and equality within My PTSD.

Staff Conduct

  • Staff are expected to meet a higher standard of community professionalism with members.
2. As Site Administrator and expert on Trauma, Here it clearly states that he is supposed to act in a Professional Manner of a Higher Standard than Members, Especially New Members. He took actions without Warning or Notice, ignoring His Duties, which then Violates the following...
  • Staff are expected to resolve member conflicts, administrative problems and perform their duties in an unbiased manner in accordance to community policies.
3. By Refusing to Answer my Valid Questions about why I was Banned from Chat, he Violated my Due Process as well as my Rights to be treated in an Unbiased way. Which also

4. Violated My PTSD Official Policy of Handling the Matters of Clear and Quite Vicious Personal Attacks upon me by "a "Premium Member" whom he was personally Notified of and is Mandated to Handle in Private Conversation with an Additional Staff Member as is clearly stated.
  • Staff are expected to be open, honest and diligent with staff matters within the staff forum only (never collude with other staff in private).
5. On paper this sounds very Ethical, but in Reality is Obviously Impossible when Being in a Loving Married Relationship and raising a family together with the Official Site "Vice President". :)

Please don't confuse these "Administrative Rules" as in anyway shape or form as any sort of Personal attack upon You Anthony Or Your Loved Ones!

When I read in your Bio this Morning about your Wife and 3 Boys, I squealed with Joy, for I too have a VERY Special 6 Year Old Boy in my life, along with his Mother who are My Entire Reason For Living! I am SO happy for you and your Loved Ones and that is ALWAYS first! <3
  • Staff are expected to remove themselves from staff duties in the event of mentally or physically unwell days, where they cannot perform their duties in compliance with this policy.
6. Given the Contemptuous tone of your reply to my Post in regards to your Thread of...
"People should read date of posting. Just saying!" anthony, Thursday at 1:13 AM

As well as your Contempt towards me last night in chat when you were frustrated by not being aware of current American Psychological Association DSM status, while you live half way around the Globe in Australia (I'm cutting you slack here Anthony, not putting you down), which is quite Obvious were Triggered and reacting out of your "Sympathetic Nervous System" of the "Fight Response" as a direct Result which Violates the above Policy to Recuse yourself from any Staff Duties as you clearly state.

and if there is any doubt to that statement, allow me to Quote Your Official MyPTSD Bio here which amply supports that in your very own words...

"I am a quite an easy going person, very assertive, yes,

and I do border arrogant at times with subjects I am extremely knowledgable upon, PTSD being one of them. I think most people do become a little arrogant when they are very subject knowledge heavy." by anthony – May 25, 2015

I ask you again Anthony, please put the "Administration Anthony" who is " arrogant at times" aside. And allow "Just Anthony" who is a Humanitarian, filled with Love and Joy being with your Friends and Loved Ones and is "quite an easy going person" work with me to restore Justice and help Heal this Very Devastating most recent Trauma.

I spent much time and consideration risking being Banned for Life (which would clearly Violate Official MyPTSD Policy and Mission), just to try and break through the Contempt that keeps Traumatizing me 10 times worse with each act of abuse.

My sufferings are Immense due to constant Retaliation as a Direct result of Filing Official Written "Complaints" just like I am now at your Personal Request!

It's at the very heart of many of my Traumas and as you are well of is Why and How Disorganized Attachment is created which then rolls onto become C-PTSD or worse yet (as I fear in my case) DID and Conversion Disorder aka Psychogenic Non Epileptic Seizures, or "Brain Frying" as you refer to it.

I need the resources here from many of the Members who also greatly suffer from the Exact Same conditions and have Done very Impressive Research and study as have I on these very same forms of Trauma.

I am losing a pound a week and now down from 145 lbs to 122 lbs and my Body is already starting to fail as a direct result.

This may be seen as just as some asshole who is a "Hypochondriac" with 11 out of 10 personality disorders to you (contempt), but for me it's my Very Life in the very near Future!

Some may just wish I would quickly Die to shut me up. But there is a Six Year old Boy with an ACE Score of 8 who likely won't make it without me! This is not just killing me, It's Killing HIM TOO!

In comparison to another very famous and well studied Identical case study. I am in Mid Oct, 1880 state of health exactly Like Anna O. The Great Dr Breuer (why has no one ever heard of him now? Hmm) and Dr Freud due to their own Ego's and Arrogance, Nearly Killed one of the Greatest Humanitarians of the 20th Century! Oh and for the Record "Anna O." aka Bertha Pappenheim is THE Inventor of "Psychotherapy" in Freud's Own words! As well as "Kindergarden" which every Preschooler fully knows about!

Those are just a few of her Great Contributions to Humanity and due to Arrogance and Contempt (such as we are dealing with right now) we nearly Lost her and all her work would of been lost as well.

Oh and to inform you that it's fully within the "Legal Terms of Agreement", that This Message Belongs to me since I have not submitted it to your Servers yet and so am free to do with it however I see fit, including making as many Copies of it as I wish, Posting it where ever I wish, etc. It's Not "Property of My PTSD" until I actually submit it to your site. Your Legal Team will sadly Confirm this Obvious Fact.

Hmmm That's a Powerful Statement for Other Members to be aware of, in the event they wish to Legally exercise their Rights which "My PTSD" contract tries to restrict. I have no reason to post it (keeping all Privacy and staying compliant to the Contract guidelines of course), nor even make a copy of this complaint. I have no Motive to do I?
Just saying!" anthony, Thursday at 1:13 AM

I hope that since I have fully been compliant and in a Good Faith effort, asked to have these very serious "concerns" ironed out so that I may be able to continue my search for Help with my very serious Medical Conditions.

I'm confident that The "Apparently Normal Anthony" (vs the Emotional Anthony) (ANA vs EA) and Nicolette will step in and help us Recover from these Traumas.


PS Message saved prior to sending it :) (crosses his last "t")
Am Off to the Ballet to watch Mom in the Nut Cracker with the Boy now. :)
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Simply Simon

Hi Mark,

You seem to be under the impression that this privately owned resource owes you quite a lot. I sincerely can't imagine where it is you got this impression.

Your thread title suggests that you are posing a simple question inquiring about your chat ban, but the body of your thread is overwhelmingly an attempt to endict Anthony for what you appear to perceive as grave shortcomings. It's difficult to sort out what it is you are attempting to achieve with this thread.

With regard to your chat ban, chat is a privilege here.

The body of your thread is nearly impossible to respond to fruitfully, as it doesn't seem you are respectfully looking for answers about how to garner a better reputation as a contributing member so much as you are attempting to undermine Anthony's leadership, and in doing so, you nonsensically jump around through interactions and subjects that aren't actually connected.

This entire thread reads like an endictment penned by a mad hatter, stringing together dissonant interactions and your resulting perceptions with no apparent attempt at actually improving your standing here as a member. Trust me, trying to undermine Anthony is not the path to improving your reputation as a legitimate member on this site.

Regardless of whether one could undermine Anthony's leadership here (they could not--good luck to those who would like to try as you are), it's entirely pointless to do so. Anthony is founder, administrator, and the sole source of our funding outside of member donations. This site is owned by the administration alone, and Anthony has always been an even-handed and transparent administrator, even though he owes us nothing.

Given all that, I can only say that you are a troll here, sick though you may be. If you think it's unfair to cry troll on new members (which I can only surmise you will), don't worry; the membership have already had a very productive and open conversation on this matter in the past.


We'll said SS... well said. I wish I could like that a thousand times.

The funniest part of all this trolling, to me that is, is that I watched your behaviour yesterday after being banned from chat due to your behaviour. Funniest thing ever, you focused on two threads, the old EMDR one (started by becvan actually -- not me) and then the new one a member posted recently raising 8 year old content and being concerned about it. At no time have you posted on either of those threads before your above rant.

Nonsensical says it all.

Staff have been watching you for days now -- for the simple reason that you stand out like a sore thumb in a trauma community as more troll than trauma sufferer. You have done little other than insite emotional responses in others and then stand back as though you're innocent.

Best part EVER -- in all your reading of me here to try and somehow pull your blanket of bullshit over my eyes, you failed to read our policies on taking private content and making it less private. You did that above quoting PC content. I take that extremely seriously and ban first, ask questions later.

There it is -- ban first, ask questions later. Have a nice day!
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