What is your best memory?

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I did a search and didn’t see this question so I though I’ll ask it.
What is your best memory? Something that when you think of it always brings a smile to your face and makes you feel good. This question was given to me as part of my therapy so being that I’m first I’ll start. I hope you all have something happy to share.

Not long after I retired I decided to go skiing. It was mid week and I was by myself as all my friends were still working. Just after lunch I took the chair lift right to the top of the mountain. As I stood there looking at all the mountains in the distance I was filled with a sense of incredible joy. There wasn’t a cloud in sight and the sky was crystal clear. The sun was warm on my face, I could see forever and the snow was perfect.

I’ll always be thankful for that day.


A good memory:

I was leaving a mountain cabin in the PNW after spending several days there. After cleaning the cabin and prepping/loading cars for the drive back I stole about ten min by myself. I sat on a picnic table on the cabin deck and just took in my surroundings. The crisp winter's air, partial snow-covered roads, and white mountains..feeling small and crowded by the evergreen trees and spotty sky where the sun shines through in places.

In the moment I told myself to record mentally this time and place because I needed or wanted a beautiful place to go in my mind when I needed it. I remember trying so hard to record the moment, no cell phones then. Better though that I remembered with my mind and senses because I can recall it fairly clearly almost thirty years later.


I can’t give a best memory but I can give a really good one?

One day walking in and I smelled new straw being stacked in the barn. My first thought was ‘mmm, love that smell’ then I stopped and grinned and whooped. I had lost my sense of smell, not entirely but significantly for about a year. The next thing I did was cut some grass.


March 01 2019.

Waking in ICU following an anterior lumbar spinal fusion that morning.

They'd been waking me periodically to check my pupils and sensation, following the 6 and a half hour operation, but I don't have any memory of it happening until what must have been the middle of the night (only my ICU nurse was around).

She asked shone her torch in my eyes, and then asked me to wiggle my toes.

And I could.

Experiencing that (then spending that whole night telling my nurse over and over that I could wiggle my toes :laugh: ), and getting to tell my family in the morning, was just the best thing ever.

It was one of those 'no words' type of moments and it still makes me tear up thinking back to it.

Tornadic Thoughts

Thanks for the nudge to remember some of the good feels along this trippy journey. It's hard to pick the best memory, for sure, as their are too many to choose from. What a fortunate "problem" to have. I hope you don't mind if we share multiples.

Live music and a couple music festivals are some of my best, although I'm no longer up to hanging out with 25,000 of my closest friends, nor can I hang with the indoor smaller scale scene of heavy intoxication, cigarette smoke, and perfume/cologne/scented laundry detergent/incense and other various disabling smells. This old gray mare just ain't what she used to be. ?

There's nothing that compares to the feeling of being in a drum circle with a very large (or even small) group of folks you don't know and feeling the power of the raised vibrations and the beat as you all manage to find your groove at the same time. You end up sounding like you've been practicing that shit your whole life, even if only for a minute or two. lol

Then, having a chance to meet some favorite musicians one-on-one, dining with them, sharing small talk, getting brought up on stage to dance, connecting, hugging, and pouring your heart out with gratitude for the impact they've had in your life....oh what a feeling!

Finally....the goose bump jammage moments. Best moments ever. Grateful it happens to me often, even if the jammage isn't live.


My best memories are of me and my sister playing as children and watching cartoons on Saturday mornings.

We didn't have a perfect childhood but still, we were blessed to have one another.

So much fun, and genuine happiness over the years so that there is not just one specific memory but many. My sister passed last year and I hold those memories closest to my heart.


When I was a child I often visited with neighbors and played with them. We rode our bikes around the neighborhood, rode all the way to the ice cream stand and got ice cream. But that was not my fav memory.

What I really loved most was when we rode our bikes to the end of a street not far from mine and we climbed over the guard rail that was there and slowly lowered ourselves down the cliff there by holding onto some vines that went all the way down the cliff.

Then, we crossed a creek by walking above it on a log that went over to the other side. Then there was a forest to walk through, until we finally came to a pond. The creek drained from it. There was also a waterfalls on the other side, across from the creek. We would climb up onto some rocks by the falls, dangle our feet in the waters from the falls and take our sandwiches out of our back pockets and eat lunch. The waterfalls were so peaceful. There was sometimes mist from the falls, maybe a rainbow. The air was very clear though.

If we crossed above the falls, went to the other side, we could look up, up, up into a very tall pine tree and see its roots sticking out between some of the rocks directly above us. It was tall as a giant!
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