What Is Your Favourite Movie?

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well i like watching different types of movies but don't like spacey movies like star trek....sorry to those who love it..
...i thought i would start this to see if what other fellow survivors enjoy watching.. i like magnolia with tom cruise its got a great line in it they use and its YOU MAY BE FINISHED WITH THE PAST BUT IS THE PAST FINISHED WITH YOU
.....but there are lots more....so please let me know what you like....


I have too many to mention

I love Babe, Lady and the Tramp on the kids side.

I love Black Hawk down, We were Soldiers, Full Metal Jacket, Platoon on the other side.

I also love "the shining", Hard Candy, Saw, all scary stuff.

Then I love anything that has to do with killers and Serial Killers. I love the Criminal mind and Forensics.


I have a few....

Pretty Woman

The Goonies - childhood fave!

The Navigator - my other fave!

Beaches - a movie my friend once said was us

Steel Magnolias - because it is my mums favourite, and we watch it together

Good Will Hunting

Lucky Number Slevin - I love the play on words! Given to me my my best friend, Richard.

Hot Fuzz - hilarious!


Hello T and doobie!

My three favorite drama movies of all time are:

"Good Will Hunting", "Beautiful Mind", and "Shawshank Redemption"

My favorite comedy/drama is:

"Bruce Almighty" That movie is hillarious!!!!!

My Favorite Cartoon movie is non other than:

"The Sponge Bob Squre Pants Movie"

T, you sound like my oldest daughter. She loves those kind of movies. They are pretty darn interesting!


Hey Lisa!

Cool choices! What is "Hot Fuzz" about? Is it in the USA? Don't think I ever heard of it.

Do you like "Monty Python"?

I laughed myself silly at "Meaning of Life". I must say though it was a little bit stereotyping of British culture.

I'm Irish and Native American. Seems like there are some funny movies about being Irish but everything Native American has to be so serious. Its like we red people don't have a sense of humor.

If anybody knows of a funny movie with Native Americans in it, let me know.

Not "McClintok" that one seemed a bit insulting and stereotyping.
Gosh! Sounds like I need to use my sense of humor and not be so serious!


i don't watch many any more, my concentration is nil, but my favorite of all time was "Anne of Green Gables", i guess because i liked the books so much.


"Dumb and Dumber", "Mask" (with Cher), "The Mask" (comedy) "The Green Mile", "Duel", "Omen", "Adams Family" (I and II), and m any others.


Hot Fuzz is an English movie, i dont know if it'll go to the states or not... its about a police man who is so good at everything he gets sent to a quiet town so that he stops making the police force look stupid because he's so good. The town appears really normal, but there is something strange going on in it. But it is absolutely hiliarious, the town will swear black is blue to keep their reputation- I cant really say much more or Ill ruin the plot, but trust me, it's funny!

Have you seen Shaun of the Dead? The funny version of Dawn of the Dead (which Ihavent seen ebcause I dont watch horrors) - one of the main guys in that is in hot fuzz. Here's the link to its webpage http://www.jointhefuzz.com/indexnew.php

If people like ironic humour and outrageous humour, I recommend this. When I went to see it, it had been out a week and we just got the last 5 tickets. The last time that happened at the movies I was 12.

I think I like monthy python - but Im not sure.... I am crap with names!! Growing up I loved Jasper Carrot though!


My favorites are
Mad Max, got to be the one with the original Australian accents.
Lock stock and two smoking barrels.


any film with jean reno in,
indiana jones films go down well, me being an archaeologist,
havent seen any films in ages as havent had a tv for ages so not up to date with stuff, i like a lot of black and white films, also like b movies such as ed wood, bella lugosi, as they are quite amusing to watch,
pirates of the carribean was good


I do like so many titles, but I think my favourite is probably Dr. Zhivago. I saw it in the cinema as a young teen and was quite captivated by it. Also sneaked in to see Psycho in the cinema at age 9, and that was extremely exciting, as it was the first time no one was allowed in after the film started. For those of you too young to recall, movies used to run constantly, several showings, one after the other, and it was not uncommon for people to come and go in the middle of a film. If you came in the middle, you simply stayed for the next showing to catch the beginning. But Psycho changed all that, with its surprise ending. Really I like Hitchcock films in general, Stanley Kubrick as well, especially his older films, such as Lolita and Clockwork Orange. The Great Santini, late 70s I believe and starring Robert Duvall, is a very good movie, especially if you come from a military family.
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