What Is Your Inner Child Feeling Today?

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Our inner child(ren) often carry more pain and turmoil than was (or is) appropriate. Furthermore, being left alone with the confusion, pain, shame, guilt, humiliation, etc. appears to be a common theme for them/us.

As difficult as it is to find acceptance for them and the emotions they hold, for some of us doing so can be a source of immense healing. So, if inner child work is something you're interested in, here's a space for you to identify what your inner child(ren) is(are) feeling today!


eight-year-old-self: sad, a bit like a burden, wants to play
twelve-year-old-self: inward anger / deserving of punishment, 'weighed down'
This is a really good idea @ninja, thank you for starting it.

I have real trouble thinking about my inner child, although there clearly is one as they appeared a lot in EMDR.
Going to bookmark this thread and come back to it when I feel I can legitimately add stuff.
My inner child was feeling fear and dread today, thinking of our neighbor's anger. We had just gotten home from a long trip, walked through the door and the neighbor threw something metal down on the floor. We rushed into our home and locked the door, not looking to see what he had thrown down.

(I am not sure if this is what you want, but even right after it happened, I had felt it was my inner child that was feeling the fear and dread.)
Totally get the difficulty in thinking about the inner child; the space is here for when the time feels right.
I was/am hoping the thread could be assistive, but wasn't sure how it would land, so it's great to receive your feedback. Thanks! :)

I'm sorry that happened. :( Being greeted by an angry neighbor throwing things is unnerving as is, let alone after a long trip when you may just want to be able to open the door and fall face-first onto the couch.

& yes! It's intended to be open-ended, and similar to the "what are you feeling today" thread. Shorter check-in's, longer check-in's; frequent or infrequent: Whatever feels right on any given day!
Littlest- abandoned and ignored. Typical. Never know how to meet his needs cause there are soooo many and he's never satisfied.

9yr old- annoyed. Frustrated. I think 9yr old and 11yr old (maybe)are on the same page here. Most of my anger and frustration comes from them. They were way better at surviving and just doing what needs to be done. The fact that I suck at life now pisses them off. I didn't use to be so weak and pathetic and useless.

So - I'm currently stuck between anger thats threatening to explode outwards and wishing I could curl up in a little ball in a closet and hide from the world forever. They're both feeding each other.

Working on ignoring them both right now and just getting through the day and getting something- anything! done.

Good times. :meh::shifty::unsure:
@Changing4Best You've *just* gotten help after spine issues...

Your mobility ain't that great right now...

And you are considering 'retaliating' to someone? <raises brow>

Time to catch up on sleep. :cool: Do more art, you do awesome at it. Paint, redecorate. Research pets you can have at home comfortably.

And don't entertain thoughts of things that are both illegal, and would put your life at risk.
Thank you all for joining in with this thread! :)

I've been having some not-so-amazing dreams lately as well @Changing4Best

Last night my inner child spoke this clearly:
I do not want to grow up before I have the chance to feel safe as a child.
I do not want to grow up before I learn to play as a child, not as a child attempting to preserve my childhood.
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