What it Looks Like

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I was shopping in a very small store with only one clerk and myself inside. It felt natural and I was ok then the clerk told me that she had cpstd just out of the blue. She was telling me about her experiences which were similar to mine while under captivity. I listened, I thought, patiently and at the first break I asked if she knew of this website. She shook her head no and continued on. Another shopper came in so I tried to calm her down but that seemed to fuel the fire. Her eyes turned black and her face was scrunched up as she followed me around the store. I saw the other shopper was not moving with his back to us. She was in a near rage by then. I managed to sidestep out of the store to my car where I sat in shock for a while.

I felt like I had been beaten. The darkness had taken over her eyes and it was frightening. Her aggressive physical movements toward me! What would happen if the other shopper wasn’t there?!!

It happened to me so I had to think about it. What did it mean?

The similarity of abuse. How did she know?
The “evil-look”- did I do that not realizing it back when I first discovered my cpst?
Did I scare people too?

What is it I’m to learn about this?

Yes I probably scared someone.
Yes my fear, anger probably turned my eyes black.
I really don’t recall, thus I say probably.

Yes I know that the more I would “lose it “ in public the more I would do it.

I’m in so much better place now than back then but this was quite the reminder of

What it Looks Like

Probably wrong forum..
back in the 80's and 90's, i learned this as, "the mirror effect." yes, my herstory with the mirror effect has also included experiences such as you describe here. i believe it also includes times i have done similar to other people, butttttaaaa. . . isn't it amazing how different the phenom looks from the other side of the mirror?

how do we recognize one another? personally, i shoot to take ^it^ at face value and let the healing mysteries be.
Probably wrong forum..
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Body-minds are complicated and interesting. Maybe your presence was a relief to her and she wanted you to help her fix her shit—but you can’t—only she can do that. Maybe you helped trigger a new healing phase for her? I don’t know how we are able to find each other but I do understand how some people seem to find us through the mess of life, for better or worse.
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