What Lays Ahead? Heart Condition

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Hi, Nicolette!
I've finally gotten a chance to read about what your diagnosis and treatment were/are. I hope you are feeling tops sooner than soon.

My dad has AFib, and had Brady/Tachy Syndrome (slow 40 to high) so he had to get a pacemaker a year or so ago. He's having major energy problems so is having a heart cath done in a couple weeks. I hope they find something they can fix. Being tired 24/7 gets old fast. He has to take Coumadin (rat poison) forever as he has had blood clots.

I hope you won't have to take meds since they fixed your heart. So sorry to hear you had to be awake. It's so much better to be able to wake up and say "it's over?"

Positive thoughts and blessings being sent your way! You're a real trooper, staying positive! A FIND example to the rest of us!


Hope your heart is beating properly. I'll be thinking of all you went through when I get my ICD replaced on the 26th. Much easier sugery. I don't have to be awake when they test it. Though I guess they do stop my heart briefly. Odd to think of.

Whitneys story

Nicolette, A little off topic but what can we do to help?

Please don't stress about your new forum! It will come together perfectly! You are such a natural.

I know you won't slow down but how about pacing yourself! Behemoth Hugs, Whitney
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