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What Makes You :) Today

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OK, OK, so don't get all mushy on me but we seem to have every other kind of thread here so why not one that's a change from the norm. Here's one that made me smile for some guys that didn't loose their focus on having a better life.

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So, if ya'll like post something that put a smile on your face. There truly is something everyday. Red Tail Hawk roosted on a wire just outside my window today. Not more that two feet from me. Awesome sight. Guess it doesn't take much.
Warm beagle ears and knowing she sits with me when I am feeling bad or sick. She loves me no matter what...and I feel the same.

Wait....you said no mushy stuff...damn it....sorry.
Hey Jenny

Mushy stuff is OK, I was just makin' a joke as usual. Dogs, yeah, there the best.

Having lunch with an old, dear friend, in a historic old Flagstaff hotel and talking about the "good old days". Coming home to bright eyes and wagging tail. Passing by my rolling English legend on the way to the door. Turning on my computer and joining my Brothers and Sisters on the net. What more might a man expect from a day?

My left hand

You do realise that this is an open admission of discrimination?
Are you right-hand-ist?

I am shocked. I will send the police round with 'words of advice'.

Or you could adopt the ARMY method: 'Left-Right, Left-Right'.
Or in British drill-pig parlance:

'Deft dwite, Deft dwite, Deft dwight, Deeeeefffft.'
So, if ya'll like post something that put a smile on your face.
You starting this, mate.
And the family of baby robins (bobbins) from last year's harsh winter that I fe & watered, that are still doing an excellent pest control job in my back garden.
Their 'cheeps' sound so sad, ah well.
Ghurka Curry!

Not open for further replies.