Other What menopause/ perimenopause symptoms do/ did y'all have?

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My body has been a messsssss lately with a sheer unbelievable clusterf*ck of strange symptoms.

Several rounds of bloodwork have come back normal.

I've upped my thyroid med cos of exhaustion, feeling cold and feeling depressed and it's helped a tiny bit, but not much.

My Dr's have been clueless and we're about to start testing for serious/ rare/ scary illnesses next week.

But, sitting at home today I'm like "Omg!! Perimenopause??"

Even tho I still feel like I'm 15, I'm actually 43 :facepalm:

So I should've thought of it :facepalm: And my Dr's should've thought of it :facepalm:

I guess the thing is, as with every other damned medical condition I've ever had, I get all the weird, non-typical symptoms.

Like, I'm getting cold flashes, not hot flashes. Like really, really cold... shivering even when the weather's warm/ I'm dressed warmly.

Also, I'm hungry alllllllll the time. I'm eating a ridiculous amount of food and burning the calories straight off.

I've got brain fog so bad it's starting to resemble dementia and I don't feel safe to drive a car some days.

I'm sleeping heaps... If I had a choice, I wouldn't get up at all. Just roll over and sleep all day and all night.

Plus a long list of other weird/ scary/ intense symptoms that have been going on for over 2 months.

Anyway, I'll get bloodwork done for this next week but until then, anyone want to reassure me/ cheer me up with their own list of ridiculous/ horrendous peri/menopause symptoms shitshow? :rolleyes:

Thanks :hug:


You described me. Especially the cold flashes. I don’t have the luxury$ of medical testing so I just read and try stuff. For the last few months, I’ve added progesterone oil. Sometimes, I think it is helping and other times I’m not so sure. It has lessened the heaviness of my periods though. Being borderline anemic, I feel like all of my red blood cells are being sucked into my uterus a week before my cycle starts. I get really tired too. I’ve been tracking my symptoms on Flo period ap. It has been an eye opener. Like every month I have extremely scary depressed mood on day 21. I can even predict hormone induced physical trauma flashback triggers. In some ways, just being aware helps me know that what I’m feeling will end in the near future. My T tells me to look at diet to avoid inflammation causing foods to help with this stuff. It’s just all so hard to do.


Moved this into the Other Disorders area for a slightly better fit....but do want to acknowledge that menopause/peri-menopause isn't a disorder :) Just a PITA.
Plus a long list of other weird/ scary/ intense symptoms that have been going on for over 2 months.
It definitely sounds like something is going on....hope you get some answers soon.
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