What next steps should someone with no health insurance take if they want to see a neurologist?


Hi, everyone :)

I know this is a little off topic, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask. And, for the record, despite everything I've put up on this website so far, this one feels incredibly embarrassing for some reason.

I have been having seizures that I was mistaking as periods of dissociation, or are related to those dissociations, or I was having both and didn't know how to tell them apart, or maybe it's just TBI things. I'm unsure. This became apparent to me several years ago but I have been too ashamed to "admit it" because I felt I had caused it. Then I lost health insurance and felt I wouldn't be able to afford treatment or even the doctor visit. In fact, my primary care's hospital turned me away when I presented with possible gallbladder stones, and I was removed from my physical therapy courses there as well.

The point is, I haven't had health insurance and can't see a doctor for this reasonably. The recent stimulus is not enough to look into this either, and in fact wasn't enough to cover a DIFFERENT hospital bill I've been paying off since 2015/16. Or even touch my student loans, for that matter. I've been trying to get a job but have been facing discrimination, when I haven't shot myself down with my own fears of not being good enough. I tried to get on government health insurance, only to be told that the government doesn't assist people my age in my state, tn, in the United States. I was briefly on a government program that allowed me to get my medications for cheap, but the state government moved this process to a third party insurance company who will not cover me (the pharmacist tried to help me with this by called the insurance herself, but honestly I'm not sure what's going on and why it's still an issue).

Does anyone have any ideas on what I could try next, given this information? Just thought I'd try asking. I'm often extremely happy about the knowledge and wisdom I get here, though I'm not entirely sure what I can expect from this one. Maybe an idea of to professionally talk to next, or an idea of something I might be approaching the wrong way?

Best solution I could think of was moving to another country. (That was a joke. Mostly.)

It's been a stressful year. My service dog stopped being able to help me with dissociations, seizures (though she is doing amazing in her old age, I'd say), etc etc, and due to my living situation I don't feel comfortable getting another dog yet, so I really think I should just "confess" to having this problem to a doctor and get it treated somehow until I can get more sustainable assistance. But trying to do this has been a nightmare.

Let me know if this post is unclear. I've been having a weird week (mom got a suspicious cough and lost her voice, hopefully (and probably) just a cold though; and I had one of those aforementioned seizures, along with a train full of depression).

I hope you're all having a peaceful week :).

Thanks <3