What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?


New Here
Hey guys. Call me curious but I wanna know. What song are you listening to?

Right now I am listening to Take a hint by Victorious
Icosa, Oliver Buckland :) Part of a playlist I've made on spotify, of weird music or songs I think are good to listen to while in a rut ;p Found this song and song artist from the ENA series on youtube lmao


@Nyoom, If you click on this:
media button.png

and go to You Tube Music (or wherever), you can paste the "share" link in the resulting box and it will show the song.


Needed some reminding today from my favorite blues artist.....

I'm amazing; I'm incredible
I'm a miracle, a dream come true
I'm marvelous; I'm beautiful
Guess what?
So are you

There's more than one way home
Ain't no right way
Ain't no wrong
Whatever road you might be on
You find your own way, 'cause
There's more than one way home