What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?


I swear by Apollo.

A playlist I made for a character of mine in the Star Trek universe. The gist is that he's an ASPD-adjacent forensic pediatrician who worked for the Federation Rehabilitation Council at the Palais de Concorde, and who was a survivor brought in from a planet called Laile, where he had spent the first 12 years of his life as a soldier for the Laile Resistance. He was the commander of a one-man ship encountered by the Federation && attempted to ram them in a suicide run but was beamed off by the captain, who adopted him && got him thorough rehabilitative therapy. Wonder where all that comes from, heheheh.

"Intercept course! Mark 464 tack 20 tack 375 tack 9."

"Captain Maitland, we're approaching visual range."

"On screen. Unknown vessel, identify yourselves and explain why you've fired upon a Federation starship."

"This is the LRV Navas. You have crossed into our borders, an aggressive action, which must be responded to in kind."

"What's wrong with his eyes?"

"Let me speak to your commanding officer, son."

"I am the commanding officer."

"-what the f*ck."


"-you are hereby ordered to withdraw from this space immediately or I will engage-"

"Turn it off."


"We've had reports about these people coming through the pipes for weeks now. They're soldiers, kept chemically compliant by their superiors. That kid has absolutely no idea what he's doing."

"Recommend withdrawing, sir."

"Agreed. We'll have to head through Hyranalin territory. Put it back on. LR vessel, we acknowledge your request and are pursuing an alternate route to our destination-"

"-sir, direct hit to our starboard nacelle!"

"Engage warp-"

"-warp drive offline, sir."


"Captain, he's activating impulse engines. He's headed straight for us!"

"Evasive maneuvers! How many occupants does that ship have? Bio-signs?"

"I'm only detecting one, sir. ... It's human."

"Perfect. Our lucky day."

"It doesn't look lucky from here."

"It means we have the authority to take him into custody. We're going to have to beam him off. Disable the Navas's shields and get a lock. Prep a holding cell and have medical on standby."

"We can't just keep him prisoner."

"Trust me, Alex. The last thing we need is this kid ramming his ship at us in a suicide run. That's how the LR operate."

"Firing weapons. Direct hit."

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