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What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?

Sasha Alex Sloan - Thank God (Lyric Video)​

Soooo, this song holds a special place in my heart… do not be fooled by the title… I introduced one of my daughter’s friends to it this evening. She is leaving her current religion and her sister told her she is going to hell…. Soooo, I made her listen to this song and we sat and laughed our asses off for all the reasons why hell might not be so bad 😂. She drove away just now blaring it very loudly. It is definitely more down the dark humor path… my friend of 35 years and sing this at the bloody top our lungs with joy and abandon.

They are sisters who are Inuit throat singers doing a traditional song called “Mosquito”. Throat singing was in the past performed by women in winter time when the men were gone on long hunts. The songs imitate sounds from their lives like birds, dogs, ice creaking, and so on. The practice was meant to be a kind of contest to pass the time. They are making the same sound but one is doing it on the in breath and the other on the out breath. The contest is to see who runs out of breath or messes up first, with lots of laughter when that happens.
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