What stopped you from exercising and how do you overcome it?


I think I get this fear of: being looked at, feeling my body, or I don't know what.
Something inside prevents me.

Done it again today.
Made the decision not to exercise. Again.

I have this internal battle in my head and the 'no' wins.

Do you have something similar?
And how do you overcome it?


COVID? Plus I got sick of it. And it made me feel guilty because that was all I was doing . I didn’t like the gym. It was busy and I didn’t like being seen while exercising. I did it a lot though. I personally am not concerned about getting back to it . Physically I don’t feel that much different . We walk which is something at least. Naturally I have complaints about that too lol! Good luck.


On the days when you win do you have these difficult feelings still? Or any troubles with the exercise triggering reactions or anything like that? Or is it all a problem of getting yourself to do it then you're fine once you start?

Not wanting to feel the body makes sense for trauma. I know I don't like to be seen, particularly when dancing - can't say as I do much other exercise though apart from walking and that feels a very normal activity, not putting myself on show at all.


Hiya, I used to go to the gym at least 4-5 times a week and loved it. It kept me sane and in good shape mentally and physically.

I think when you've stopped and worry about doing it again then you have to be quite brutal with yourself about starting again. Like to the point of anger. "f*ck this, I am going to f*cking do this"! "f*ck everything and anyone else"! And the magic thing is, is that once you've forced yourself to start again, your like "there you go, I did it... what was the problem"? JUST DO IT!!!


my physical pain, and the release of adrenaline stored in my fat.

I overcame it but never giving up, taking it a few steps at a time. Paying close, very close, attention myself. I had a gentle trainer who listened about my symptoms (exertion causing flashbacks)

Very slowly
Celebrate a small walk
Build from there
Hot baths
Epsom salt
Lots of herbal tea
Liver medicine (practitioner only) to support the detoxification of excess hormones and other crap including metabolism of fat.

Most certainly NOT GIVING A HOOT what others thought of me I'm doing it for my health and I was tired of feeling sick and not liking how I looked.

Scrubbing my body with a brush in the shower and African black soap (like deep exfoliation to help my overall health and the skin is the biggest organ)


Last May I ended up with the start of four compression fractures and by June I was unable to walk more than a few steps. After the orthopedic surgeon told me to use it or loose it as I was not a surgical candidate at that point, I just started with incremental increases in walking and moving a little more each week. Fast forward to two weeks ago and I finally had two of the compression fractures fixed.

I am still working on increasing a little bit of activity each week. This is the first week I have been medically cleared to do more than walking and swimming. Just adding little goals each week. This next week it will be 500 steps more each day and a water aerobics class. Not being hard on myself as there is still a bit of fear that something else will collapse or slip, but as I get more mobile and build strength I am hoping the fear will ease up a bit.

Taking it a day at a time and celebrating meeting goals and when I don't just figuring out what was holding me back so I can address the things that are limiting me. One day and one step at a time.


Thank you everyone for responding. I abandoned this thread because.....

But I'm back at it again.
Having come to the conclusion that, for me, feeling my body (under stress, like exercising?), Is triggering. And I have intrusive thoughts.
So it's managing that.

So really it's finding ways to manage trigggers and intrusive thoughts, and over coming fear. For me.

So thank you. I've read all your replies and I always appreciate your views, experiences and thoughts. I just couldn't come back to this thread for a while.


Having come to the conclusion that, for me, feeling my body (under stress, like exercising?), Is triggering. And I have intrusive thoughts.
So it's managing that.
You might look into whether atomoxetine might be a good med for you.

It’s labeled for ADHD (the only non-stimulant that is) but is used off-label extensively with anorexia. As a quirky side effect of it? Not caring about your body (in the hypervigilance sense that anorexics have). The emotional impact of how your body “feels” just *poof* magically vanishes, along with the hypervig.