What Things Have You Learned and Actually Done Today to Become More Independent?


My realization that I was needy led me to marry someone who was narcissistic and knew everything. Criticism and his rules led me to stop learning some of the basics in life....I stopped learning.....I learned to be dumb to avoid criticism....no matter what I did, it was wrong...

I moved out on my own, in my own place, and I was overwhelmed at what I didn't know. Anything new, has been challenging. But each time I learn something new...I think it makes me stronger, more confident, and more independent. Some things I learn are revelations, while others are things I learned might be considered insignificant or small...but those small things add up! I now believe that everything learned adds up to an increased feeling of competence. I think acknowledging the things I've learned is important in reminding myself, that I am changing for the positive, and more importantly, that the independence I feel.....is powerful, and I no longer want to be that needy, ignorant, or apathetic person I was in my prior life. ...They say, knowledge is power......and I have come to believe that is true. But to learn....you have to apply or get your hands dirty and try....I think .....like fixing a toilet for the first time, figuring out how to run two hoses from one spigot, or learning to work with clay, or restore old curtains by painting flowers on them....it's all problem-solving and success...leads to confidence....leading to more success.

I'll go first:
So, what things have I learned through doing (some activity or process) today? (Vicarious learning doesn't count like watching YouTubes, here-say/personal conversation, reading books, the news, and Google searches, etc). If you watch a video...and then go actually do it...that counts!
Then tell: How did you feel about your accomplishments?

Today I learned how to:
* rig a crab basket so the blue crab doesn't get away-that reduced frustration.
* tie a bowline knot properly...
* cook blue crabs properly-first attempt was not so good-felt good to get it right!
* make Italian sausage soup-oh man, can't wait to share this recipe.
* Scotch guard chair cushions so they will clean up easier-relieved....they were a gift, friend is coming by soon....now they are on the chairs.
* preserve driftwood home decour -felt better about getting this done....now I can decorate it and it won't fall apart.

My days are slowly getting more productive.....feeling a little more balanced getting things done.

So, what did you learned and done today that is helping you to be more independent?


I've had to be independent, but I learned friday how to work on trying to get my rotator cuff in my shoulder back to some degree of normalcy/ bearability, and the exercises are helping.

Learned how and got a yellowed white wool rug back to white.


Glad those exercises are helping! A bad shoulder impacts everything you do and what you can do physically. Sounds like you were productive!