What was the most interesting item(s) in your newsfeeds today?


It's Nov. 1, it's Alberta, there's snow, not exactly big news but I stumbled across a few interesting pieces of news, gossip & arts & culture as I exercised the Android today & made me curious about what y'all find important and fun & newsworthy where you are at in the world...


I was supposed to early vote. It was an accident, my wife mentioned it and I suddenly wanted to do it. The town hall is one of those big old New England buildings and it's fall. I wanted to avoid the polling place at the middle school and all the confusion and I got excited to do it. Sadly they closed it down at noon so we missed it by about 15 minutes. I'll go down Tuesday after all.


Holy wow!! @Friday - ain't that some crazy expensive Spy vs Spy right there - thanks for sharing

Hi @Mach123 - will your vote count towards making Donald Trump go away? :)

I was taught not to discuss religion or politics in polite company. (Though sadly im guilty of both) I did mention the political process however and I hope everyone participates. One of my sons is deployed, serving our country in the military. : )


That there’s a completely blue asteroid!

And that scientists finally made a fifth type of matter experimentally in a way that might help them obtain information about gravity “waves” later! Basically, they got the atoms so cold that they didn’t behave like individual atoms anymore! Cool stuff

I like this thread a lot, thanks!